Porteos self-loading motorcycle ramps

Porteos motorcycle ramp can load a bike of up to 550 kg to a height of up to 150 cm. © Mark Rogers, Porteos

Loading a motorcycle onto the bed of a pickup, trailer or other transport vehicle may seem like a simple proposition when you just prop up a ramp or put a runway in place. The truth is quite different. You can actually do quite a lot of damage to the underside of your motorcycle if you load it in this way, especially if it’s a bike of relatively low clearance like an Indian or Harley-Davidson.

Solution: The AUN self-loading motorcycle ramps

Porteos has developed a unique, innovative and effective system for safe loading and unloading of your motorcycle. Both the AUN 1000 and AUN 2000 are light in weight, easy to install and use, and incredibly durable supporting up to 550kg of weight as they work.
You load this ramp into the back of your truck, trailer or van, unfold it into position to receive your bike, and then operate the rest just by using a drill. Yes, you can lift even the heaviest bikes into place just using a common household drill. We’ll show you how further below.

Easy installation

Porteos have designed a truly unique system for which no drilling is required when installing into your pickup or van bed. By using the standard ratchet straps and tie-downs on the vehicle bed, you can put the ramp in place, and then remove it again when you’re not using it. It also comes with spaces to hep prevent scratching on your truck bed.

How the AUN loading ramps work – Simple operation

The access ramp is telescopic and is held in place by two holding screws with easy-access handles. Remove the holding screws and slide out the telescopic access ramp. The ramp is made of a 6061 T6 aerospace-grade alloy for superlative strength and resistance.
Once the ramp is out, you then simply use a household electric drill on the loading system to work the worm drive to lower and raise the ramp. Lower it to the ground and allow the wheel chock to be put in place to receive the motorcycle front tire. It’s then locked in place with straps and hooks before being dragged onto the ramp and up onto the loading platform. It couldn’t be simpler.

Easy inspection

The AUN self-loading motorcycle ramps aren’t just useful for getting the bike onto and off the loading bay. The ramp is also strong enough for you to slide the bike out and keep it horizontal while loaded. From there, you can easily inspect the engine, underside and other components.

© Mark Rogers, Porteos

Unique solutions to real problems

The Porteos AUN ramp is helping to solve an everyday problem in the most flexible and accessibly way possible. The affordable, easily installed/removed system provides just the tool you need to make loading/unloading a motorcycle easier than ever before. The ramp is available in two models:

AUN 1000

This model is effective for loading heights up to 700mm (27.5 inches). It weighs just 80kg (176lbs) and the loading height can be extended to 1,100mm (43.3 inches) with an extension attachment. AUN 1000 costs €2,190 (about $US2,653).

AUN 2000

This model is effective for loading heights up to 900mm (35.4 inches). It weighs just 85kg (187lbs) and the loading height can be extended to 1,300mm (51.1 inches) with an extension attachment. AUN 2000 costs €2,290 (about $US2,775).

Source: Porteos


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