Must Read Stories

    CeramicSpeed’s DrivEn concept could be the most efficient bicycle drivetrain

    Efficiency is every cyclist’s dream. Imagine this, no cumbersome chain issues and significantly fewer trips to the mechanic. CeramicSpeed’s latest revolutionary drivetrain, DrivEn, offers...

    CanguRo smart scooter can follow you around or take you for a ride

    Some of us want unusual vehicles and gadgets. We want vehicles that offer us the last mile transport solution. What if we could have...

    Scrambler by Juiced Bikes is all the rage in electric bikes

    Scrambler by Juiced Bikes is a line of fast, fun and tough electric bikes inspired by the “scrambler” style of motorcycle.

    Serafim Keybo: Advanced virtual laser projection keyboard

    Serafim Keybo is a virtual laser projection keyboard and piano, which supports multi-language keyboard layout, and can also be used as a portable charger.

    Czech ‘GyroDrive’ is the world’s first street legal flying car

    The GyroDrive is based on a gyroplane - a mini-helicopter - that uses a copter-style rotor to move up and down, and an aeroplane-type 'pusher propeller' to go forward.

    Swincar E-Spider tilting electric car triumphs over all terrain

    The SWINCAR e-Spider is the perfect tool, which makes light work of very bizarre terrain.

    Norway’s CycloCable Bike Escalator, An Innovative Solution to an Age-Old Problem

    Walking or cycling is a great way to save money and live a more sustainable lifestyle. But it can present its own set of...

    Rotating Beds, A Modern Solution to Limited Mobility

    For years, those who are dealing with severe disabilities and illnesses that keep them bedridden have been bound to lie horizontally for much of...