Must Read Stories

    Winder for fire hose, tapes and straps

    Winder WIND-X is an innovation that enables the rolling of tape and hoses efficiently and fast.

    Ultra-light Personal Hang Glider

    The Ruppert Archaeopteryx could be your personal hang glider. Designed by Roger Ruppert and produced by Ruppert Composite GmbH, it is a Swiss high-wing, pod-and-boom, single-seat, microlift glider.

    Could this be the future of public transportation?

    This futuristic public transportation concept, by Dahir Insaat, relies on the principle of ground effect.

    Precision Road Marking Machines

    STiM Marking Machines apply precise road markings for the use of drivers and pedestrians. They allow for variations in the thickness of the line, make gaps, and add reflective strips.

    Detachable cabin could save lives during plane crashes

    The idea entails a cabin that detaches from the cockpit when the flight faces a mid-air disaster. The detachable cabin could be ejected at any time during take-off, mid-flight or landing and allow the passengers to land safely.

    Hövding Airbag Helmet for Cyclists

    Hövding’s airbag system allows heightened protection as it inflates to create a fixated hood that covers up the neck.

    Lit Motors C-1 Self-Balancing Motorcycle

    The C-1 is a revolutionary innovation in the industry, creating new standards of car interface and safety on a two-wheeled platform.

    Smartflower – Green, solar energy without the hassle of installing panels onto your roof

    smartflower tracks the position of the sun, even on a cloudy day, allowing accurate alignment with the sun at an exact 90-degree angle.