Kamibot Pi: Coding with a STEM toy robot through storytelling

Code your Kamibot Pi to escape a maze, race, play soccer, draw, multi-bot sync movement & more!

The illiterates of the next generation would not be those who can’t read or write. They will be those who do not understand at least one computer language. Unfortunately, many parents still think of coding as a complex exercise that’s just for geeks. If you can give your kid a solid coding background, you’ll be setting them up to adapt seamlessly to the demands of our brave new world.

Kamibot Pi is a fun way for kids to learn the basics of coding. It doesn’t matter if they are coding for the first time or if they already have some knowledge. The device aims to teach children coding in a step-wise manner that’s fun and easy to learn. Gone are the days of trying and failing to sustain your kids’ interest in coding – thanks to the diverse fun activities outlined in the Kamibot Pi curriculum.

4 different levels of coding

Kamibot Pi is creatively designed such that your kids can start using the coding bot from a very young age and keep on using it for a long time. There are four different levels of coding namely:

  1. Unplugged coding for beginners: coding with action card or remote controller
  2. Kamicard app: coding with Kamicard app allows kids to pick commands based on the images on each card
  3. Block coding: Introduces more structure and more advanced coding commands
  4. Text Coding: Introduces python coding that allows seasoned coders to upgrade their coding experience

Kids are expected to progress through these levels by following the Kamibot Pi syllabus and developing their coding prowess as they move.

Coding away from the screen

Spending long periods in front of the screen could affect kids’ eyesight as well as their mental health. If you’re worried about Kamibot’s impact on your kids’ screen time, you’ll be glad to know that there is an off-the-screen coding option that involves using action cards. According to the manufacturers, kids can feed the cards to the Kamibot Pi and see the commands come to life.

Boosting creativity and finding new passions

Beyond providing an educative coding experience, Kamibot Pi comes with a lot of fun activities. This includes drawing, multi-robot cooperation, and paper-craft characters, among others. The activities are also structured to help kids develop the spirit of competition and teamwork as well as critical thinking skills. All in all, Kamibot Pi promises to build an all-round kid that would have no trouble fitting into the larger society. 

Easy to use apps

Unlike most other coding bots, Kamibot Pi does not have just one app. It has multiple applications that are all easy to use and suitable for kids of various ages. The apps are all designed to help kids pace the learning process and they include Kamiblock 3.0, Kamicard, Kamibot Remote Control, etc.

Pricing info

Kamibot Pi is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The Kickstarter campaign is already over 95% funded with more than 30 days left. You can visit the official campaign page to check out the available pledges and rewards.