Saturday, January 19, 2019


SPARS: High-Rise Emergency Escape Solution

All over the world, more than 10,000 skyscrapers stand at 100m or higher. The construction of high-rise buildings is seen as a sign of...

The convertible electric city and cargo bike

We’ve always wished our bikes could do more; whether it’s helping us with groceries or carrying a child. Flip Convercycle is the first convertible...




FoldiMate laundry-folding machine

This smart folding machine is capable of folding about 40 items of laundry in four minutes or less.

VAVA Mobile Pet Cam helps end pet boredom and separation anxiety

Given the chance, every pet owner would take their beloved friends everywhere they go. But the thought of having your dog or cat around...

NS Glasses: First 3D Headset for Nintendo Switch

Rumors about the introduction of Virtual Reality to Nintendo’s unique console hybrid have been rife. To the disappointment of many fans, Nintendo has officially...

CZUR Aura scans books, documents, objects in high quality in minutes

Digital scanners have greatly evolved over the years. The devices we see today are less bulky, lighter, and boast a much faster scanning speed...



Quickboat Folding Boat: Assembles in 60 seconds

There aren’t many better ways of enjoying a weekend alone or with the family than exploring and cruising on calm waters. The Quickboat opens...


Grappler Police Bumper Can Safely End High-Speed Chases

High-speed car chases can be dangerous, but they might finally come to a quick end thanks to a new device called the Grappler Police...

The GOAT Steep Assist Roof Ladder

Climbing a steep roof could be a difficult and dangerous task. Whether you’re a plumber trying to clean the roof, or you’re just a...