Sunday, May 19, 2019


Eco-friendly graffiti removal solution works on a variety of surfaces

It is common to find graffiti on walls and streets in most urban societies. In fact, they have long been considered a part of...

Adhesive patch can seal potholes and cracks on the road

If left unattended, potholes contribute a major threat to the safety of road users as well as their vehicles. Unfortunately, pothole repair is not...




Orca Helix – Advanced toilet technology with adjustable seat height

Simple as it may seem, the modern toilet is arguably one of the most important inventions in human history. We have seen overwhelming advances...

Control or monitor your gates from your smartphone

Remootio is the first versatile end-to-end encrypted Bluetooth and Wifi enabled smart remote controller that makes your gate and garage door smart. This simple...

The world’s largest plane takes flight; can air-launch rockets into space

On Saturday, the 13th of April, the world’s largest airplane embarked on its first complete test flight. The giant 500,000-pound plane propelled by six...

Machine turns constant power of waves into electricity

The quest for cheap and efficient sources of renewable energy is one of the most pressing challenges in the world today. Much attention has...



Fly like a bird in VR

Birdly VR delivers the ultimate flight experience through coordinated hand movement.


Grappler Police Bumper Can Safely End High-Speed Chases

High-speed car chases can be dangerous, but they might finally come to a quick end thanks to a new device called the Grappler Police...

Electric street vacuum cleaner operates with no noise and zero emissions

TSM ARIA 240 is the perfect vacuum cleaner for all outdoor cleaning requirements. It is suited for use in both public and private areas.