Concept electric cruiser with spacious storage and light burst

Concept Electric Motorcycle Cruiser WAYRA EV-03
The Wayra EV-03 reflects nostalgia, styles, and tendencies from every great brand in the motorcycle world. Images © Pablo Baranoff Dorn

People are constantly releasing concepts of new product designs but a lot of the time they are very unrealistic and ultimately unattainable. Then comes Pablo Baranoff Dorn, a multidisciplinary Spanish artist that specializes in 3D, product, and industrial design concepts. He recently released his visualization of an electric cruiser that he has coined the Wayra EV-03. Dorn states that his vision for the electric motorcycle was “A bike that reflects nostalgia, styles, and tendencies we absorbed from every great brand in the motorcycle world.” 

Retro and modern fusion

Dorn’s concept electric motorcycle dares to combine new technology with an old, vintage style. The bike comes in two different color styles. Hypothetical buyers could purchase their motorcycles with either a classic black metallic look, or a more modern black matte, with a combination of silver and red accents. The Wayra EV-03 has a curved body that embraces the tank of the bike.

Dorn added an onboard display with a retro digit typeface that features an interactive GPS map for users, just another example of his experimentation in the successful combination of old and new. He adds that EV-03 users could use this feature in tandem with their smartphones. Users would be able to download an app that would mirror the map on the electric motorcycle, with a map from their phone so that the GPS will always be configured as they need it.

Concept visions

The Spanish designer envisions an optimized battery pack on the motorcycle that could charge any device that uses a USB cord in order to ensure all your gadgets stay charged, without sacrificing the bike’s performance. Another component that Dorn wishes to see for the WAYRA EV-03 is spacious luggage compartments. The designer stated that he pondered on this addition quite a bit as he wanted to design a motorcycle that could offer storage without adding more accessories.

Ingenius new ideas

Dorn imagines that the EV-03 has spread out lights throughout its frame, and suggests that manufacturers should consider covering them with glass so that the light can be defused. He makes this suggestion in order to prevent oncoming drivers from being essentially blinded by the LED lights while driving toward the EV-03. The goal is for the light to appear dispersed to oncoming traffic, so that instead of a pinpoint light source that may be disturbing to the eyes, the light will appear as a bigger, more dimmed shape. The diffused light will also be beneficial to the driver of the e-motorcycle as well by illuminating whatever may be in front of them, whether it be oncoming traffic, pedestrians, or animals.

Lastly, Dorn wanted the turn lights on the motorcycle to be extremely visible, placing them directly on the sides. He stated that doing so just adds a little extra to the motorcycle, while also giving it more balanced elements.

Concept or reality?

There aren’t many electric motorcycles in the market today, but the industry is rising.  In the coming years the world will see many product designs like this become real consumer products. Pablo Baranoff Dorn’s idea for the Wayra EV-03 is still only a concept, but we would definitely ride it if and when it ever becomes a reality.

Source: Pablo Baranoff Dorn