All-electric luxury travel trailer takes off-grid living to the next level

Bowlus Volterra All-Electric Luxury Travel Trailer
Bowlus Volterra is an all-electric aluminum RV with new and improved features from its previous models. Images © Bowlus

When the pandemic hit, it caused many people to downsize and work remotely. A result of this was a rise in sustainable, off-grid van living.

The luxury RV company, Bowlus, saw an opportunity to prove that one did not need to sacrifice comfort, luxury, and the environment to downsize and live off-grid for long periods of time. The Volterra luxury travel trailer by Bowlus combines the classic Bowlus aluminum body with an ultra-luxe interior inspired by California sunsets to create the first all-electric RV on the market.

An all-electric RV experience

The Volterra was created to be experienced electrically, in all its entirety. That being said, there is an optional propane backup for those who want it.

The Volterra has the first industry application of the AeroSolar™ solar panel-battery system. It requires no activation point or setup but instead charges while the user is driving and camping. This system includes two built-in 240W solar panels. These panels are accompanied by a MPPT solar controller which directly charges the Volterra’s lithium-ion phosphate 17 kWh battery.

This battery power is more than a 100% increase from the Bowlus Terra Firma. The increased battery capacity extends the EV emergency charging range approximately 65 miles. And, to keep users updated on power management, the Volterra includes an updated over-air software.

Bowlus Volterra AeroSolar
Bowlus Volterra features the first application of AeroSolar™ in the RV industry.

As for cooking, the Volterra is the first travel trailer equipped with an induction cooktop, providing a more energy-efficient stove option and a safer gas-less way to cook.

Design and features

This 27-foot-long all-electric RV has a large inclusive floorplan that can sleep four. The Volterra has a bedroom with a king-size bed that converts into two twin beds when needed. It features a large, hotel-style shower with continuous hot water, sofas that convert into two twin beds for additional sleeping space, and a table with charging stations for electronic devices. Finally, the modern, galley kitchen offers ample storage, a sink, and stainless-steel counters.

Bowlus Volterra Luxurious Interior

Starlink Satellite Internet

 The Volterra is the first high-speed satellite internet ready travel trailer. It includes Starlink Satellite Internet which can provide download speeds up to 250 mbps. This is perfect for users who want to stream their favorite shows, vlog their off-grid experiences, or work remotely.

Bowlus Volterra Starlink Satellite Internet
Volterra is the first travel trailer that is high-speed satellite internet-ready.

Additional features

The Volterra also includes increased freshwater storage, an updated rear-view camera, and limited-addition color palettes.

A 150% increase in freshwater storage allows for longer periods of time off-grid or longer or more frequent showers. An advanced rear-end, full-color night vision backup camera helps users navigate out of tight camping spaces at any time of day. To elevate the high-end off-grid user experience, the Bowlus Volterra offers a limited-edition color scheme inspired by the California sunset with fully vegan interior seating. Additionally, if an owner is looking to add their own personal touch, Bowlus offers bespoke customizations.

Price and availability

The Bowlus Volterra is now available for purchase, and this luxury travel trailer can be ordered directly through Bowlus starting at $310,000. The all-electric RV is the most expensive Bowlus model, and on the higher end for travel trailers generally. While a trip into the great outdoors with the Volterra will come with a high price tag, it offers its users the ability to retreat off-grid without feeling off-grid.

Source: Bowlus