A real invisibility shield you can actually buy for as low as $69

Personal Invisibility Shield 2
The Invisibility Shield 2.0 uses precision-engineered lenses to diffuse light, making you virtually blend into your surroundings. Images courtesy Invisibility Shield Co.

In an era where technology constantly surprises us, a unique product has emerged that offers a hint of invisibility in the real world. The Invisibility Shield 2.0, a recent Kickstarter launch by the London-based Invisibility Shield Co., promises a novel way of blending into your surroundings. This product marks an evolution from the company’s original version, offering enhancements in size, weight, and overall functionality.

The mechanism behind the Invisibility Shield 2.0 is intriguing yet straightforward. Constructed from a curved sheet of clear high-grade polycarbonate, it stands with the support of a similarly made frame. The core technology involves an array of vertically aligned, skinny lenses, each stretching from the top to the bottom of the shield. These lenses play a critical role in the device’s ability to camouflage a person or object behind it.

When someone stands or crouches behind the shield, these lenses diffuse the light reflecting off the person and their immediate background across the shield’s surface. The diffusion process ensures that the light from the person is blended with that from the background, making the individual appear as part of the background to anyone viewing from the front. This optical illusion is most effective when the user is against a uniform background and dressed in light-colored clothing, enhancing the camouflaging effect.

Despite its seemingly magical capabilities, the Invisibility Shield 2.0 is not without its limitations. For instance, the user cannot see through the shield and must peek around it to view their surroundings. This limitation, however, does not detract from the shield’s diverse applications. From providing camouflage during paintball matches and stage performances to hiding objects on a desk or observing wildlife, the shield offers a range of practical uses. Its appearance on a Korean dating show highlights its entertainment value and versatility.

Personal Invisibility Shield 2 Look Out
The user cannot see through the shield and must peek around it to view their surroundings.

Available in three sizes – Mini, Full, and Megashield – the Invisibility Shield 2.0 caters to different needs and preferences. The Full-size version measures 3 feet, 3 inches in height and 2 feet, 3 inches in width, offering substantial coverage for an individual. For those seeking even greater coverage, the Megashield stands at an impressive 6 feet by 4 feet. The Mini version, on the other hand, is designed for smaller tasks, such as hiding items on a desk, with its dimensions being 1 foot by 7.9 inches.

Personal Invisibility Shield 2 Portable
The Full Size shields and Megashields can be completely disassembled and packed in optional carry cases.

Assuming the Invisibility Shield 2.0 reaches production, a pledge of £54 (approximately US$69) will get you the Mini, it’s £299 (about US$378) for the Full, and £699 ($884) for the Megashield, making the technology accessible to a broad audience.

Personal Invisibility Shield 2 Peek Behind
A peek behind the shield.

The Invisibility Shield 2.0 may not provide true invisibility as found in science fiction, it does offer a unique and entertaining way to blend into one’s environment. Whether for practical jokes, entertainment, or tactical advantage, the Invisibility Shield 2.0 brings a touch of the extraordinary to everyday life.

Personal Invisibility Shield 2 Waterproof Recyclable
The shield is fully waterproof and recyclable.

Source: Kickstarter