The Vistabule Daytripper is a compact teardrop trailer for minimalist camping

Vistabule Daytripper Micro-camping Teardrop Trailer
Vistabule introduces the Daytripper teardrop, catering to a new era of campers with its compact, lightweight, and nature-centric design. Images courtesy Vistabule

In the vast and varied landscape of vehicle camping, where luxury RVs and robust motorhomes dominate, the new Daytripper by Vistabule offers a refreshing take on simplicity and minimalism. Weighing just 900 pounds, this teardrop trailer embodies the essence of micro-camping, providing adventurers with the basics needed for a comfortable night’s sleep in the great outdoors, without the bulk and complexity of larger campers.

Vistabule, a company known for its aesthetically pleasing and functional teardrop trailers, introduces the Daytripper as its response to a growing demand for smaller, more lightweight camping solutions. Originating from Minnesota, Vistabule has successfully merged the classic teardrop design with modern features to create campers that are both livable and visually appealing. The Daytripper, drawing inspiration from the Beatles’ song “Day Tripper,” is designed to cater to those seeking a simpler, more authentic camping experience.

Unlike its larger counterpart, the 1,420-pound Vistabule trailer, the Daytripper sheds the conventional teardrop tailgate galley for a spacious tailgate entryway. This design choice not only reduces weight but also enhances the interior’s usable space, making the trailer feel more open and accessible. The absence of a galley and side doors underlines the Daytripper’s minimalist ethos, encouraging campers to embrace the outdoors fully.

Despite its compact size, the Daytripper does not skimp on comfort. The interior boasts a mattress, headboard cabinetry, and ceiling and hatch lights, among other features. The trailer’s design also includes a two-way MaxxFan, ventilation ports, and Zamp solar hookups, allowing for a comfortable and sustainable off-grid experience. Notably, Vistabule opts out of installing a hard-wired power system, recognizing the growing trend towards portable power solutions like the Jackery Explorer and EcoFlow River series.

Daytripper Micro-camping Teardrop Trailer Cabin
Vistabule’s removal of the typical tailgate galley creates a spacious cabin with a breezy tailgate entrance for a simplified interior.

The Daytripper’s dimensions are thoughtfully considered to maximize interior space. At 12 feet long and with a base weight of 900 pounds, it is easily towable by a wide range of vehicles, including electric vehicles. The trailer offers an additional 14 inches of legroom compared to the standard Vistabule model and an extra inch of headroom, catering to taller individuals and those camping with pets.

Daytripper Micro-camping Teardrop Trailer Length
At only 12 feet long and weighing 900 lbs, the Daytripper is easily towable by almost any vehicle, EVs included.

One of the Daytripper’s standout features is its oversized skylight, coupled with windows on each side and the option to open the tailgate fully, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. This design choice enhances the camping experience by offering panoramic views of the surrounding environment, whether lying down or sitting inside the trailer.

The Daytripper’s construction is durable yet lightweight, featuring a wood body clad in painted 1-mm aluminum and riding on an aluminum chassis with a torsion axle and 13-inch wheels. Vistabule offers several options to customize the trailer, including integrated eye hooks for securing a dog leash, a rear hitch table, and a tailgate awning/tent system, catering to various camping needs and preferences.

Daytripper Micro-camping Teardrop Trailer Windows
Mirroring the original Vistabule, the Daytripper features windows on all sides and a large skylight at the front.

Priced at $14,995 for the base model, the Daytripper positions itself as an affordable option for those looking to embark on minimalist camping adventures without sacrificing comfort or quality. Vistabule is in the process of finalizing the options list and online configurator, promising prospective buyers flexibility in tailoring their trailers to their specific camping requirements.

Daytripper Micro-camping Teardrop Trailer Rear Awning Tent
Vistabule aims for a simple base package, with options like a rear awning and tent available.

Source: Vistabule