Elevating car camping with ARB Altitude powered rooftop tent

ARB Altitude Powered Rooftop Tent
ARB introduces enhanced security, comfort, and user-friendliness with its innovative Altitude rooftop tent. Images courtesy ARB

In the realm of outdoor adventure and overlanding, the Australian company ARB has been a beacon of reliability and innovation. Known for crafting gear that’s both rugged and functional, ARB has recently ventured into enhancing the rooftop tent camping scene with its latest creation, the Altitude. This hardshell rooftop tent isn’t just another addition to the market; it’s a sophisticated piece of camping equipment designed to merge the ease of RV living with the mobility of car camping.

ARB’s approach to the Altitude rooftop tent is a holistic one, focusing on creating a seamless, comfortable outdoor living space. The tent’s design philosophy centers around automation and ease of use, significantly deviating from the manual efforts required by traditional rooftop tents. The introduction of a push-button electric lift system marks a significant advancement in rooftop tent technology, allowing for the tent to be set up and taken down with minimal effort.

The Altitude’s step ladder is another feature that sets it apart from its counterparts. Far from being a mere afterthought, this ladder incorporates a thoughtful design with large, stable treads and fold-out railings, ensuring a safe and easy ascent and descent. Its adaptability is enhanced by the choice of mounting on either the left or right side of the tent, each equipped with LED light strips. These not only provide essential lighting for safety during nighttime entries and exits but also add a comforting ambience to the campsite.

Inside the Altitude rooftop tent, ARB continues to impress with its attention to detail. The tent’s interior is a testament to thoughtful design, offering ample headroom and a spacious sleeping area equipped with a high-quality dual-density foam mattress.

ARB Altitude Powered Rooftop Tent Folded Ladder
The Altitude rooftop tent features a step ladder with a secure, folding design, large treads, and fold-out railings for safe and easy access.

Storage solutions such as upper nets, water bottle holders, and a central control panel for lighting and ventilation are ingeniously integrated. The inclusion of charging ports and a mount for a tablet or smartphone highlights ARB’s understanding of modern camping needs, blending convenience with the comfort of home.

Despite these numerous features, the Altitude does not include a built-in battery, instead opting for a direct connection to the vehicle’s power supply. This choice emphasizes the tent’s integration with the camping vehicle, though it also underlines the necessity of a thoughtful power management strategy to avoid draining the vehicle’s battery.

ARB Altitude Powered Rooftop Tent Enjoy Camping
The Altitude’s automated setup frees campers to focus on activities like preparing dinner, or simply enjoying the sunset.

The construction of the Altitude speaks to ARB’s commitment to durability and performance. The hardshell design not only provides robust protection against the elements but also allows for a streamlined profile when closed. This design choice, however, contributes to the tent’s substantial weight of 232 pounds, a factor that potential users must consider when planning their vehicle setup.

ARB Altitude Powered Rooftop Tent Windows Doors Mesh
Opened windows and doors on the ARB Altitude rooftop tent reveal expansive mesh panels for panoramic views.

The launch of the Altitude rooftop tent into the market comes with anticipation for its impact on the camping and overlanding communities. Priced at $4,950 in the US and AU$7,249 in Australia, the Altitude is positioned as a premium option in the rooftop tent market. Its price reflects the extensive list of features and the level of comfort it offers, catering to those who prioritize ease of use, safety, and a luxurious camping experience.

ARB Altitude Powered Rooftop Tent Interior Lighting
The Altitude rooftop tent boasts integrated interior LED lighting, offering campers adjustable ambiance and visibility at night.

In addition to the base tent, ARB plans to offer a range of accessories, including mounting kits for various vehicles, a side awning, and a hitch step for easier access to the ladder compartment. These add-ons demonstrate ARB’s holistic view of camping needs, ensuring that users can customize their setup to their exact requirements.

ARB Altitude Powered Rooftop Tent Solar Panel Kit
An optional solar panel kit is set to be offered for use with the integrated roof rails.

Source: ARB