Transform your stand-up paddle board into a floating campsite with the Bajao Cabin tent

Bajao Cabin Tent for Stand-Up Paddleboard
The Bajao Cabin tent - transforming your stand-up paddleboard into a serene floating campsite. Images © Bajao

An intriguing new addition to the world of outdoor camping gear comes in the form of the Bajao Cabin tent. Engineered by German paddler Christopher Mantz, this unique tent uses your inflatable stand-up paddleboard (SUP) as its foundation, converting it into a floating campsite.

The idea is as innovative as it is simple. Your SUP is a large, flat platform, usually taken on water-based trips, that can be easily made comfortable with a slight deflation. Mantz saw an opportunity to augment its utility by enabling campers to pitch a tent on it.

Constructed as a one-person tent, the Bajao Cabin comprises an inflatable fabric frame that is then covered with an inner polyester mesh lining and an outer waterproof flysheet. The flysheet is fabricated from 40-denier silicone-coated ripstop polyamide, ensuring resilience against water and weather elements.

The Bajao’s design is such that the frame is placed over the paddler’s existing SUP. To enhance stability while on water, two inflatable “sidepipes”, resembling pontoons, are positioned along either side of the board. This addition widens the SUP’s base, decreasing the likelihood of it tipping over when afloat.

Bajao Cabin Tent for Stand-Up Paddleboard Car Rooftop
The Bajao Cabin tent is conveniently adaptable for a cozy rooftop campout on your car.

However, the utility of the Bajao Cabin tent is not confined to aquatic environments. Mantz suggests it can also be set up on challenging terrains, like rocky or wet grounds, where conventional camping might be tricky. In such scenarios, the SUP functions as a waterproof cushion. Furthermore, the tent can also be pitched on car tops, as many paddle boards are transported.

The Bajao Cabin tent can also be used traditionally, pitched directly on the ground with the SUP excluded. To enhance comfort in this mode, it incorporates a 150-denier waterproof polyester floor, so campers won’t have to sleep directly on the ground. Despite these many features, the entire setup weighs only 4.8 kg (10.6 lb), making it relatively lightweight and portable.

Bajao Cabin Tent for Stand-Up Paddleboard on Ground
The Bajao Cabin tent can be pitched directly on the ground.

Currently, the Bajao Cabin is the subject of an Indiegogo campaign, with the hope of reaching production soon. A pledge of $413 during the campaign will secure one of these innovative tents, with the anticipated retail price being $653. Given its multifaceted functionality and clever design, the Bajao Cabin tent represents a fresh, practical addition to camping gear for outdoor enthusiasts.

Bajao Cabin Tent for Stand-Up Paddleboard Dimensions
Weighing in at just 4.8 kg, the Bajao Cabin measures 118 inches long by 34 inches wide by 38.4 inches high.

Source: Indiegogo