Thömus Twinner T1 Pro: Carbon craftsmanship meets futuristic functionality

Thomus Twinner T1 Pro eBike
The frame, fork, handlebar, and wheels of the Twinner T1 Pro are meticulously crafted from carbon fiber. Images © Thömus

The pursuit of the perfect electric bicycle has taken another significant stride forward with the unveiling of the Twinner T1 Pro by Swiss biking specialists, Thömus. Sporting a carbon-dominated design, this speed-pedelec integrates new technology with a high-performance motor, delivering a forward-looking aesthetic that the company describes as “a statement of elegance and future-oriented thinking.”

The Twinner T1 Pro takes full advantage of the lightweight strength of carbon fiber, featuring what Thömus refers to as the Twinner Carbon System. This involves constructing the frame, fork, handlebar, and wheels entirely from this high-strength material. The resultant weight is a relatively light 32.2 kg (71 lb), inclusive of the standard 1,000-Wh battery nestled in the downtube, which can be easily removed for indoor charging. An optional upgrade to a 1,638-Wh battery is also available for riders requiring extended range.

Powering the T1 Pro is a newly engineered transverse flux motor, capable of producing 1,000-W of continuous power and peaking at a formidable 1,600-W. Installed in the hub of the rear wheel, it generates up to 70 Nm (51.6 lb.ft) of torque. This setup propels the ebike to its top assist speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) in a brisk 3.6 seconds. To complement the motor, the Twinner T1 Pro includes a low-maintenance Gates CDX Carbon Belt drive and a seamlessly integrated 12-speed Pinion gearbox, offering the convenience of shifting gears while stationary.

The ebike’s six-spoke carbon rims are fitted with Vittoria Alway all-season tires, ensuring reliable traction across diverse riding conditions. The braking system incorporates TRP 4-piston hydraulic brakes, with an optional ABS for controlled, front-wheel braking. Aesthetics-wise, Thömus offers a choice between carbon and aluminum fenders.

Thomus Twinner T1 Pro eBike Hub Motor
Boasting a robust hub motor and a 12-speed Pinion gearbox, the Twinner T1 Pro speed-pedelec offers an option for a 1,638-Wh battery.

In a nod to intuitive user experience, Thömus has integrated a 3.5-inch touchscreen smart hub into the handlebar, forgoing a separate display. The hub’s brightness self-adjusts based on ambient light, and it offers a unique safety feature: a live feed from an optional rear camera that enables riders to see behind without turning around. The smart hub is capable of receiving over-the-air updates, ensuring the system remains cutting-edge, and is compatible with a companion mobile app.

The T1 Pro also boasts several noteworthy add-ons, such as daytime-running Supernova head- and tail-lights, a signature front light, heated ergonomic grips, and a frame-integrated rear cargo rack.

Thomus Twinner T1 Pro eBike Cargo Trailer
The Twinner T1 Pro achieves a swift 45 km/h sprint in 3.6 seconds, though probably not when a cargo trailer is attached.

The Thömus Twinner T1 Pro is priced at CHF 9,750 (approximately US$10,905), with a more exclusive, limited-run Founders Edition available for a higher price. This carbon-clad, future-forward ebike’s blend of elegance and high-tech components signals Thömus’ commitment to innovation in electric bicycle design.

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