Silence S04 electric nanocar with swappable batteries goes into series production

Silence S04 Electric Nanocar Series Production
The first S04 L7e models rolling off the production line at Silence's Zona Franca factory in Barcelona. Images © Silence

Spanish e-mobility company, Silence, made waves in the automotive sector when it first showcased the two-seat electric nanocar, the S04, at the EICMA trade show in Milan in 2021. Originally renowned for its electric scooters, the company started expanding its product line for non-business riders in 2019, with the S04 marking its latest venture into the private transportation market.

Now, Silence has announced that the S04 has entered series production, with the first batch of vehicles being produced at its newly built 60,000 m2 Zona Franca factory in Barcelona. Silence’s approach to manufacturing is notable as it aims to bring the production of all components under one roof in the future, despite initially producing its 5.6 kWh batteries at a facility in nearby Sant Boi de Llobregat.

The S04 electric nanocar, with its “pop-out-and-roll” removable battery unit, seeks to marry the safety and comfort of a car with the motorcycle’s agility. It comes in two variants, the first being the dual-battery L7e model. This variant boasts a 14 kW (22 kW peak) motor, offering a homologated range of 149 km (92.5 miles) per charge, and a top speed of 85 km/h (52.8 mph).

The L7e’s battery units are designed for convenience, as they can be removed from the vehicle for charging and come equipped with trolley wheels and a handle for easy transportation to the nearest charging point. Alternatively, the vehicle itself can be plugged into a charging point.

Silence S04 Electric Nanocar Removable Battery
The S04 features removable and interchangeable battery packs under the car seats.

Despite its compact dimensions of 2.28 x 1.29 x 1.59 m, the S04 electric nanocar can accommodate two passengers and offers a 247-liter trunk. This compactness, along with its tight 3.5-m turning circle, gives the nanocar an advantage in urban settings. In fact, up to three S04s can fit into a standard parking space, highlighting the car’s suitability for crowded cities.

Silence S04 Electric Nanocar Trunk
Despite its compact size, the Silence S04 nanocar surprises with a generous 247-liter trunk.

The pricing for the L7e model begins at €10,180 (approx. US$11,127). Customers can opt to purchase the car with or without batteries, depending on the availability of a Silence Battery Station for subscription-based battery swaps.

Details about the second variant, the L6e model, are yet to be released. However, Silence has revealed that drivers will not need a driver’s license to operate this model, which will have a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) and will be powered by a 6-kW motor. It will also feature a single removable trolley battery, like its sibling model.

Silence S04 Electric Nanocar Easy Parking
With its compact dimensions, the Silence S04 transforms urban parking – fitting up to three vehicles in a standard parking space.

With its compact form, environmentally friendly design, and user-friendly features, the Silence S04 electric nanocar appears to be an innovative solution for urban mobility challenges. As series production continues, the industry and consumers alike will be keen to see how this novel vehicle performs in the real world.

Silence S04 Electric Nanocar Trolley Battery Pack
The Silence S04’s ‘pop-out-and-roll’ removable battery, designed for ease of charging and transport.

Source: Silence