Dometic elevates camping experience with innovative TRT 140 Air inflatable rooftop tent

Dometic TRT 140 Air Inflatable Rooftop Tent
Dometic launches the TRT 140 Air inflatable rooftop tent. Images © Dometic

The Swedish brand, Dometic, a household name in the leisure vehicle market, has recently unveiled its newest innovation – the TRT 140 Air rooftop tent. Known for its RV appliances and accessories, Dometic has been delving into the overland, modular camper, and car camping markets, employing both acquisitions and new product development.

The TRT 140 Air is a trailblazer that uses an inflatable design to ensure a quick setup and breakdown. This innovative rooftop tent (RTT) is aimed at adventurers who enjoy early morning pursuits and wish to stay ahead of sudden weather changes.

Dometic’s journey into the leisure market started in 1968 when it spun off as the mobile appliance arm of the parent company Electrolux. Over the years, acquisitions have been integral to Dometic’s business strategy, expanding its product range from RV refrigerators to stoves, awnings, HVAC systems, and more. In 2018, Dometic acquired British inflatable tent manufacturer Kampa, broadening its offerings in inflatable campsite accessories.

Dometic’s inflatable series mainly comprise standalone ground tents, awnings, and auxiliary tents that attach to vehicles. However, the TRT 140 Air takes the company’s tent line off the ground and onto the vehicle roof, adding a new genre to the RTT range offered under the Dometic and Front Runner brands.

The TRT 140 Air sports a unique trifold design that compacts down for transport. This design leaves room on the vehicle roof for other gear such as bikes, skis, or additional camping equipment. With a transport height of 12.6 inches and a footprint of 57.5 x 31.5 inches, and weighing 107 lbs (or 127 lbs with the telescopic ladder included), it’s a lightweight solution suitable for various vehicles.

Dometic TRT 140 Air Mountain Bike Touring and Camping
Exploring the trails and camping comfortably with Dometic’s innovative TRT 140 Air.

The TRT 140 Air’s selling point is its ease of setup. With the provided 12-V pump, the tent inflates in approximately two minutes once the cover is removed and the floor is unfolded. A single-valve inflation system enhances the process, eliminating the need to connect the pump to multiple points around the tent.

The Air Frame, made of TPU tubes, maintains structural integrity at 9 psi but can also withstand higher pressures. Designed to stand strong against outdoor conditions, the tubes flex in severe winds, preventing damage or breakage. The Air Frame deflates in seconds, making the morning pack-up less of a chore.

The TRT 140 Air also boasts a mesh-centric design, with large mesh doors and windows on all sides, offering a panoramic view. The mesh can be closed using zippered blinds for privacy and protection against the weather. The two-person tent uses a seam-taped Weathershield poly-cotton ripstop fabric designed to keep the weather at bay while reducing interior condensation. An anti-condensation mat accompanies the included foam mattress.

Dometic TRT 140 Air Side Windows
Dometic TRT 140 Air’s expansive mesh windows, offering unobstructed 360-degree panoramic views from the comfort of your tent.

Launched in Europe in April, followed by a US launch in May, the TRT 140 Air retails for US$2,500. The purchase includes the pump, ladder, mattress, and internal and external storage pockets.

Alongside the US TRT Air launch, Dometic introduced the Hub 2 to its US range. This freestanding awning also uses the fast-inflating Air Frame construction, packing down to a backpack-carry form and weighing in at 19.7 lbs. The Hub 2 provides a 7.5 x 7.5-ft footprint when set up and retails for $750.

With the TRT 140 Air and Hub 2, Dometic is challenging the status quo, delivering lightweight and convenient solutions that could potentially redefine camping and overlanding practices. These additions to their lineup serve as evidence of Dometic’s commitment to enhancing outdoor experiences with their innovative products. Only time will tell how these products will be received by the outdoor community, but the indications so far point to an enthusiastic response.

Dometic TRT 140 Air and Dometic Hub 2
Creating a swift-setup base camp is effortless with the dynamic duo of Dometic’s Hub 2 and TRT 140 Air.

Through constant growth and diversification, Dometic continues to lead the way in the leisure vehicle market. With their latest offerings, they reinforce their position as pioneers, bringing the comforts of modern living to the great outdoors in a portable and versatile manner. Dometic’s TRT 140 Air and Hub 2 are clear examples of the company’s evolution, delivering convenience and versatility on a new level, making them potentially indispensable companions for outdoor enthusiasts.

Source: Dometic