Meet the Bullet Ant 2.0 – Titanium bolt action multitool pen

Bullet Ant 2.0 Multitool Pen
The Bullet Ant 2.0 stands as a refined enhancement of its well-received predecessor, seamlessly maintaining the same extensive array of practical functionalities. Images © MeTool

In the world of multitool pens, the Bullet Ant 2.0 emerges as a refined and updated version, capitalizing on the success of its first-generation predecessor. MeTool, the manufacturer, has crafted this innovative tool with an eye towards versatility, compact design, and increased functionality.

Meeting and exceeding its Kickstarter goal, the Bullet Ant 2.0 raised over six times its target of US$5,000, a testament to its anticipated popularity and utility. The revamped version of this multitool pen, although smaller at 4.7 inches (120 mm), packs a punch with its Grade 5 titanium body and a sandblasted finish. Beyond the visual appeal, users will appreciate the anti-slip grip, ensuring a steady hold in various conditions.

One of the standout features of the Bullet Ant 2.0 is its upgraded pen mechanism. The need for refills is eliminated, and it is crafted to write on any surface, enhancing its practicality for diverse users and scenarios. This is particularly beneficial for individuals requiring a reliable writing tool in outdoor or unconventional environments.

Safety and utility are at the forefront with the integration of a tungsten steel striking head. This addition enhances the Bullet Ant 2.0’s applicability for outdoor and tactical use, enabling users to break windows in emergencies or use it for self-defense.

Bullet Ant 2.0 Multitool Pen Eternal Nib
The Bullet Ant 2.0 features an eternal nib designed to write on any surface, ensuring reliability in every outdoor endeavor without the worry of needing refills.

The Bullet Ant 2.0 retains the much-needed screwdriver feature, with convenient built-in storage for two bits inside the pen. This function is perfect for a range of repairs, from small adjustments to reading glasses or watches to more significant fixes for engines and firearms.

In terms of pricing, the Bullet Ant 2.0 is available in a Super Early Bird deal for US$69. This package includes the pen, a pre-installed graphite tip, and two steel bits. After the expiration of this deal, the price will increase to $99. Additional options such as different-colored finishes, extra graphite tips, steel bits, and a carrying pouch are also available for purchase. Global shipping is available, making the Bullet Ant 2.0 accessible to customers around the world.

Bullet Ant 2.0 Multitool Pen Tungsten Steel Tip
The Bullet Ant 2.0’s tungsten steel tip is adept for emergency window breaking and self-defense.

With a planned product shipment in December of the same year, contingent on the campaign’s continued success, the Bullet Ant 2.0 stands out as a compelling multitool pen option, as substantiated by its robust Kickstarter performance and enhanced features for a wide range of applications.

Bullet Ant 2.0 Multitool Pen Storage for Bits
The multitool pen has built-in storage for two steel bits.

Source: Kickstarter