Lithium-packed Electric Classic teardrop campers could power a house

Canyonlands Teardrop Camper EC-2 Model Blueprint
The blueprint for the EC-2 model is based on the two-person Canyonlands teardrop camper pictured above. Images © Colorado Teardrops

Colorado Teardrops (CT), known for developing the Boulder camping trailer with a 75-kWh battery pack, is now introducing its Electric Classic (EC) lineup, bringing electrified chassis to its traditional teardrop family. The EC series offers two- and four-person models with multiple battery options, allowing customers to create a lithium-powered teardrop camper that can power an average American home for up to 24 hours.

EC lineup details

The EC lineup includes the two-person EC-2, inspired by CT’s Canyonland teardrop, and the four-person EC-4, a battery-powered version of the Mt. Massive trailer. These trailers are designed to be as appealing to internal combustion engine (ICE) and hybrid vehicle owners as they are to electric vehicle (EV) drivers.

Battery options and power capabilities

The EC trailers come with three battery options: 19-kWh, 29-kWh, and 38-kWh. A 38-kWh battery can power a home for up to 24 hours, according to the US Energy Information Administration’s data on average US home energy usage in 2021. Each battery is paired with a 3,500-kW inverter and powers onboard electrical equipment such as heaters, fridge/freezers, and induction cooktops.

Charging capabilities and emergency backup

While lacking the Level 2 or 3 charging capabilities of the Boulder, EC teardrops offer a 110-V 20-A outlet for Level 1 trailer-to-EV charging, providing an emergency backup plan for EV adventurers. Moreover, the trailers can be connected at home to serve as backup power sources. A 38-kWh trailer battery takes approximately 16 hours to charge via the integrated 120-V hookup, with an additional solar hookup option for adding solar panels. A battery management screen inside the trailer displays all relevant electrical system information for easy monitoring.

Colorado Teardrops EC-Lineup Battery-Packed Chassis
The EC-2 and EC-4 models both offer chassis equipped with batteries ranging from 19 to 38 kWh capacity.

Classic teardrop design and construction

The EC trailers retain the traditional teardrop shape inspired by the Canyonland and Mt. Massive models. The EC-2 has a base dry weight of 2,400 lb (1,090 kg), while the EC-4 starts at 2,800 lb (1,270 kg). Both trailers feature welded aircraft-grade aluminum frames, an R13 triple-insulation package, anodized aluminum skin, and laminated maple or optional hickory interior trim.

Cabin and interior features

The EC-2’s cabin accommodates a 58 x 78-inch (147 x 198-cm) memory foam mattress, while the EC-4 has a larger interior with two bunk beds in addition to the main mattress. Each trailer’s bed converts into a two- or four-person dining lounge. The cozy interior design ensures campers have a comfortable and functional space to rest and dine during their adventures.

Colorado Teardrops EC-Lineup Dual-Sofa Dining Lounge
The bedding in the Mt. Massive/EC-4 can be transformed into a two-sofa dining area for added versatility.

Entry and storage features

Both the EC-2 and 4 models have two side entry doors, a strut-assisted lift-up tailgate, and lower galley doors for access to under-counter storage. The company offers various galley layout options, with each kitchen area including three LED lights and two 110-V outlets. These features provide ample storage and ease of access for campers, making the EC trailers a practical choice for both short and long trips.

Pricing and tax credits

The EC-2 starts at $44,000 with the base 19-kWh battery, while the EC-4 begins at $50,400 with the same battery. The 29-kWh battery adds an extra $5,500, and the 38-kWh option requires an $11,000 premium over the base model pricing.

CT highlights that customers who connect their trailers as backup home power sources will be eligible for a 2023 “Residential Clean Energy” tax credit under the US Inflation Reduction Act. The tax credit ranges between $1,500 and $7,000, depending on the EC model and battery size. This incentive makes the EC trailers a more attractive investment for those seeking a versatile and environmentally-friendly camping solution.

Mt. Massive Camper EC-4 Model Blueprint
The newly introduced EC-4 from Colorado Teardrops is inspired by the showcased Mt. Massive design.

Delivery and future prospects

Colorado Teardrops plans to start delivering the new EC models in July. The introduction of the Electric Classic lineup demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing sustainable and innovative solutions for the camping market. As demand for cleaner energy sources and environmentally-conscious products continues to grow, the EC lineup is well-positioned to appeal to a broad range of consumers, from traditional campers to EV enthusiasts.


The Electric Classic lineup by Colorado Teardrops combines the timeless charm of classic teardrop campers with the modern benefits of electric power. With various battery options, practical design features, and the ability to serve as a backup power source for homes, these trailers are set to revolutionize the way people experience camping. The EC series offers an innovative and sustainable camping solution that caters to the needs of campers while promoting a cleaner, greener future.

Colorado Teardrops EC-Lineup Tailgate Galleys
Tailgate galleys are featured in both the EC-2 and EC-4 models.

Source: Colorado Teardrops