Walking spider excavator adapts its wheels and supports to any terrain

Menzi Muck Walking Spider Excavator
Various hydraulic cylinders enable the Menzi Muck excavator to adapt its wheels and supports to any terrain.

Have you ever looked at some building and engineering projects and wondered to yourself, “How did they get all the required heavy machinery to these locations to get the job done?” The answer to this question lies in some of the amazing equipment that is now available to builders, contractors, and large-scale construction companies alike.

One especially amazing and impressive piece of kit is the Menzi Muck spider excavator. This machine is loaded with innovative, even patented design features, and we’re going to take a closer look at it below.

Access all areas

Place the Menzi Muck spider excavator on wide-open plains, on hillsides, or have it maneuver its way down a narrow, twisting forest path to get to an isolated reservoir, it’s frankly ready for anything. There are also models to suit every need for size and scale, from the smaller A20 model weighing just 2,000-kg (4,409-lbs), to the super heavy-duty M545x model weighing in at 13,500kg (29,762-lbs).

Using its combination of leveling wheels and hydraulic stabilizers, the Menzi Muck spider excavator can not only steady itself on slopes and in tricky positions, but maneuver up and down them in careful increments to reach higher, lower or at different angles around them. The angles that the legs, wheels and stabilizers seem to be able to settle into appear to defy physics at times.

It can also climb over concrete or other barriers put in place in order to access difficult sites like dam reservoirs when they need expanding or other work done. Put simply, these machines are the ones that get everywhere the others cannot.

Menzi Muck Walking Spider Excavator P-Vation
The horizontal and vertical stabilizers can be adjusted in seemingly infinite ways.

Endless innovations

The Menzi Muck spider can get everywhere it needs chiefly due to its numerous, and mostly patented, engineering innovations. The first key bit of technology is known as “P-Vation,” which refers to this spider’s revolutionary symmetrical stabilization equipment. The spider from Menzi Muck comes built with horizontal and vertical stabilizers that can be adjusted in seemingly infinite ways to ensure it stays sure-footed on all terrains.

Next is the unit’s cutting-edge drive technology, known to Menzi Muck as its Vx-Drive. This includes a stepless power drive delivering maximum torque up to 15-km/h over its entire adjustment range while driving. In addition, there’s the Menzi Powerboom, which refers to the Menzi Muck spider’s special excavator arm with its horizontal boom cylinder in the center. This unique design eliminates the possibility of boom cylinder collisions.

The units are powered by powerful but efficient (not to mention reliable) 4-cylinder diesel engines that meet EU emission standards IIIA, IV, and V. They’re also fitted with Anticipating Power Management (APM) controllers that help boost fuel efficiency by preventing power spikes and keeping harmony between the powertrain and the hydraulics at all times.

Menzi Muck Walking Spider Excavator All Terrain
The Menzi Muck walking excavator can reach places where other machines can’t.

Available now

There are 9 different spider excavator models available from Menzi Muck right now:

  • M545x
  • M535x
  • M525x
  • M540
  • M340
  • M335
  • M320/325
  • M220
  • A20

More details and brochures for each model can be found on the Menzi Muck website, where you can also place inquiries directly about orders.