The Swan Voyager VTOL Drone-Copter & Plane 2 in 1

The Swan Voyager fully assembled. It can be taken apart for transit and storage. Images © HEQUAV

The Hong Kong-based company, Hequav Tech (HEQ), is putting a one-of-a-kind aircraft into the sky: the Swan Voyager VTOL Copter & Plane 2 in 1. Engineers and hobbyists put drones and remote-control planes into different categories. But now, HEQ has kicked down the boundaries by introducing their 2 in 1 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can hover like a drone and soar like a plane.

A few early variations of the Swan Voyager put the project on the map, and HEQ listened to all the reviews and requests made by first users. The company is now getting ready to share its product, which is equipped with innovative take-off capabilities and gimbal technology, with the world.

Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL)

In order for a remote-control plane to fly like a drone, the company needed to devise a unique take-off and landing feature. HEQ decided to go with VTOL technology, which stands for Vertical Take Off and Landing. The Swan Voyager will be able to lift straight off the ground and hover just like a helicopter. As soon as the user brings it up to a safe altitude, the UAV will tilt itself 90 degrees, transforming from a copter to a plane, and be ready to fly.

As a plane, the Swan Voyager can reach speeds between 11 and 25 m/s (25 and 56 mph). HEQ claims that anyone can figure out how to operate the VTOL drone in just 3 minutes. Users don’t have to worry about crashing in sticky situations because the Swan Voyager will automatically hover when it detects danger.

When it’s time to land, a click of a button will signal the aircraft to switch to copter mode and safely lower down to the ground.

Batter life and range

The company has said that the Swan Voyager can fly for 60 minutes. However, there have been a few reviews that the earlier models, which were supposed to have an hour flight time, only lasted for about 40-ish minutes. On a full charge, the aircraft should have a massive range of 45 km. It will be a remarkable feat if HEQ can follow through with these claims.


Not only does the aircraft use innovative flight technology, but it also comes with a high-definition camera capable of 4k resolution. Users will be able to capture smooth videos as the camera is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal.

A few available packages also come with a pair of HD FPV goggles. If users connect them to the controller, they will have a live video stream that puts them in the air with the Swan Voyager. Keep in mind that not all packages include this.

Controller and multiplayer mode

Swan Voyager VTOL Drone Plane Controller
Swan Voyager Controller

When it comes down to a drone’s flying experience, the controller is everything. HEQ did everything it could to design a top-notch remote that is easy to use and powerful. The display screen is quite bright to ensure users can see it in the light of day, and all the buttons and knobs are easy to move and access.

One of the most exciting features is the HEQ Fly application, which will allow pilots to connect with each other and perform group racing and other activities. Users can access this feature and much more through the impressive controller.

Availability and price

The Swan Voyager Copter & Plane 2 in 1 is currently in its final stage, and preorders will be shipped out in November. Interested buyers can purchase the drone on HEQ’s Kickstarter. The price for the standard package is HK$10,197 (US$1,299), and the package that includes FPV goggles costs HK$14,115 (US$1,798). Both prices are at a US$300 discount from the planned MSRP.

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Source: Kickstarter