Maru’s Rolling Unit trailer triples its size at camp

Maru Rolling Unit Trailer
Lightweight and compact for easy transport, the Rolling Unit offers spacious comfort at camp, presenting a clever, cost-effective alternative to traditional bulky trailers and trucks. Images © Rolling Unit

In a world continually seeking balance between convenience and functionality, Maru’s Rolling Unit emerges as a beacon of innovative design and practicality. Born from an Estonian company renowned for its transport solutions primarily for heavy and military sectors, the Rolling Unit is a paragon of expandable modules. This unique trailer effortlessly triples its size when in camp mode, unveiling an abundance of space while maintaining a compact form during transit, reflecting the epitome of smart design and space utilization.

The concept of the Rolling Unit is consistent across various solutions offered by Maru, with the 2023 model emphasizing its applicability in camping among other versatile uses. In its essence, the Rolling Unit is a masterclass of engineering, providing more space than conventional trailers with slide-outs, yet maintaining a more condensed package during transport. It stands as a perfect embodiment of a towable unicorn, compact on the road yet spacious and resilient at the camp, while also offering simplicity of use and high versatility.

Offered in several variants, including truck to fully custom models, the spotlight today falls on the XL Trailer. Initially introduced by Maru Defence, this variant has been extended to the private sector as of June 2023, marking a significant milestone in making military-grade quality accessible to private consumers. The XL Trailer serves as the epitome of “having it all” in the world of towables. It’s a nimble companion on the road, easily towed by a large SUV, van, or pickup truck, and unfolds to offer a significant footprint at the campsite, standing as a practical and spacious mobile platform for various applications, including as a mobile medical unit or a hairstylist’s mobile office.

Highlighting the unique mechanism for expanding at the camp, the Rolling Unit XL Trailer is not just another expandable trailer. It carries the weight of Maru’s decade-long experience, backed by partnerships with significant entities such as Synlab and NATO, echoing a loud testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering only top-tier products. It’s built on a robust galvanized double-axle chassis, ensuring durability and stability in various terrains and conditions.

Maru Rolling Unit Trailer Towable
The Rolling Unit by Maru, with its compact 9 square meter size in transport mode, ensures ease of towing, compatible with large SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks.

In transport mode, the XL Trailer offers a snug 9 square meters of interior space, making it a manageable and convenient towing companion. This transforms dramatically at the camp, expanding laterally to 5.8 meters in width from the initial 2.3 meters, translating to a total footprint of 30 square meters, providing ample space for various uses and applications. This transformation is not just about space; it’s also about comfort. Thick insulation throughout, coupled with a Mitsubishi mini-split, ensures a comfortable interior, whether in the scorching heat of +50°C or the freezing conditions at -40°C, showcasing its readiness for diverse geographical and climatic conditions.

Maru Rolling Unit Trailer Expands at Camp
At camp, the Rolling Unit by Maru effortlessly expands from a width of 2.3 meters to 5.8 meters, providing a spacious footprint of 30 square meters for versatile use.

The XL Trailer comes loaded with additional features including the option for a solar and battery array for off-grid capabilities, a walkable roof, and a Starlink connection, turning it into a perfect remote office or a comfortable living space, marking it as a true modern mobile solution. Standard specifications include exterior LED lighting with color-changing options, several outlets including hidden ones inside the floor, a storage shed at the front, and more, contributing to its comprehensive functionality.

Maru Rolling Unit Tartu University Hospital Cancer-screening Trailer
Rolling Unit mentions that Tartu University Hospital trusts their trailers for cancer-screening, covering 62,000 miles since 2016, even in weather below 0°F.

Efficient and user-friendly deployment is another highlight, taking just 8 minutes, a feature further enhanced by modern technological integration allowing deployment operations through a smartphone. This focus on user convenience and operational efficiency is a reflection of Maru’s understanding of practical needs in real-world scenarios.

Regarding pricing, the starting rate for a standard 3-in-1 Rolling Unit stands at $69,000. While not designed for everyday use by the average consumer, the price tag reflects the high-quality construction, extensive features, and the versatile, expansive space it offers, presenting itself as a valuable investment for specific professional and business needs.

Maru Rolling Unit Trailer Custom Solutions
The Rolling Unit offers a variety of customizable options, allowing buyers to tailor their truck or trailer to meet specific requirements and needs.

Source: Rolling Unit