Bizarre mouthpiece muffles your calls in public places

Mutalk Leakage Voice Suppression Microphone
The Mutalk is a wearable microphone designed to suppress your voice, making it inaudible to those in your vicinity. Images © Shiftall

In an era where everyone is consistently on their phones, taking calls in public places can be intrusive and annoying to people around you. A Japanese tech company, Shiftall, aims to address this issue with their inventive product, Mutalk. This peculiar device resembles a VR headset that you wear over your mouth, aiming to mute or significantly muffle sound while speaking into it. Despite its unusual appearance, the Mutalk holds a promise to make public conversations more private and less disruptive.

Working Principle

Mutalk operates on a principle called the Helmholtz resonator, a concept that has been around for over 160 years. This principle allows the Mutalk to create an air pressure pocket within its inner cavity, thereby preventing sound frequencies from escaping through the air hole. In effect, it can reduce a wearer’s speech by -20 to -30 decibels, ensuring even people sitting close by cannot hear the conversation. This feature could be particularly beneficial for holding confidential meetings or phone calls in public settings without the worry of eavesdropping or disturbing others.

Compatibility and Usage

With compatibility for both Apple and Android phones, as well as Windows and iOS computers and laptops, Mutalk offers a wide range of connectivity options. Users can connect the device through Bluetooth or a headphone jack. This flexibility, combined with up to eight hours of battery life charged through a USB-C port, ensures the Mutalk is convenient and adaptable for various users and settings.

The Mutalk is not just limited to muting phone calls. It can be an effective tool for voice chatting or gaming in noisy environments, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication by blocking out background noise. Its hands-free option allows users to strap it to their faces for extended conversations, while a built-in sensor keeps the device on mute when not in use, preventing accidental sound transmission.

Design and Aesthetics

Despite its functional attributes, the Mutalk’s design could be a potential hurdle. Its appearance, similar to a mask, might draw unwanted attention in public spaces, defeating the purpose of discreet communication. It may also feel uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. Nevertheless, its unique design prevents ambient sound from leaking in, providing a sealed microphone experience and ensuring a reduction in noise disruption up to -30 decibels.


Beyond ordinary calls, the Mutalk finds applications in the VR and metaverse environments. It helps prevent sound leaks in VR settings, ensuring a more immersive and private experience for users. Shiftall also offers other innovative products, including the MeganeX VR headset and the Pebble Feel “personal air conditioner,” enhancing its foothold in the technology and VR markets.

Price and Availability

The Mutalk is priced at approximately $200. This cost includes the Bluetooth-enabled device with a USB-C charging port and a 3.5mm jack for connecting to non-wireless devices. The device is available for purchase, offering a novel solution for private and muted communication in various contexts.


In conclusion, while the Mutalk by Shiftall presents a unique and innovative solution to maintaining privacy and quietness in public conversations, the design and aesthetic aspects may deter some users. Weighing these factors is essential for prospective buyers to make an informed decision. Despite its peculiar appearance, the functional benefits and the wide range of applications the Mutalk offers, especially in VR and gaming contexts, underscore its potential as a valuable tool for effective and private communication in today’s noisy world.

Product page: Shiftall