Wild One 4×4: Off-road full suspended trike with oversized tires

Wild One 4x4 Trike
The Wild One Fat 20/26 is a tricycle that looks cool and fun to ride. Images © Steintrikes

Just when you thought you’d never get to try an off-road tricycle, along comes Serbia-based Steintrikes to show you how it’s done. Their new model, the Wild One 4X4, also known as the Wild One Fat 20/26, is an off-road full suspended trike. It’s characterized by its oversized all-terrain tires and dynamic, somewhat wild and sporty looks. This is a trike that is seriously ready for anything.

Off-road capabilities

Built on a durable frame and rolling on two 20-inch wheels up front and an enlarged 26-inch third wheel wrapped in “fat” high-traction tires. The wheel design is built to give a somewhat lower ground pressure. This allows the trike to easily and confidently traverse uneven and unstable terrain, including snow, sand, mud and whatever else you think to throw at it.

As you pedal into the off-road environment, you can also easily maintain control of the trike using the precision steering with Ackermann compensation in full suspension travel. The result is a trike that makes you feel you can go absolutely anywhere.

Well-engineered design

The Wild One Fat 20/26 is constructed with the highest engineering standards to make it not only durable and precise, but seriously capable on all terrains and in all conditions. The first notable feature of the engineering is found in the extraordinary suspension system. It’s built with pre-load adjustable coilovers with a nitrogen charge. The design means that travel on all wheels is 100mm.

Wild One 4x4 Trike Off Road

The front suspension also features a double-wishbone design that allows any and all uncomfortable bumps to simply melt away beneath the tires, allowing the rider the most comfortable and enjoyable off-road experience.

The way the suspension and chassis are built and work together prevents tire slippage and friction that may otherwise slow the bike down. This is a trike that just keeps on going no matter what terrain is placed under its considerably fat tires.

Customized build

Steintrikes offer a unique experience in every Wild One 4X4 by offering individual models that are fully adapted to the individual buyer. They will use different spring harnesses and seat sizes to suit your specification, allowing you to tailor this trike to fit your dimensions and requirements exactly.

Comfortable everywhere

Whether you’re traveling on gravel, on pavement, on the forest floor, on sand or on snow, this trike is comfortable everywhere. When Steintrikes set out to build this model, their specific goal was rider comfort in every situation. That’s why the suspension and tires can handle everything from sharp urban curb edges to uneven rocky or sandy ground. The rider sits at a reclined seat height of just 30cm with an adjustable incline angle from 30 to 37 degrees for a relaxed and yet equally energized riding experience.

Order yours today

The Wild One 4X4 is currently available for order at €4,399 (about $5,220). It’s available in an astonishing range of 42 exterior colors, meaning you don’t just customize the size and seating to fit your own needs, but the overall look too. The Steintrikes range also includes 5 other trike models ranging from €3,749 to €11,900 ($4,450 – $14,120).

Product link: Wild One 4×4