LIFT Aircraft Hexa: World’s first personal flying experience for everyone

LIFT Aircraft's Hexa is a multi-rotor drone flying experience for everyone.

The technology of flying has changed very little in the last few decades. Most aircraft either use jet engines or propellers to create lift to get off the ground. They rely on a gradual ascent at high speeds in order to move higher into the sky. The idea of the whole experience for many is simply transportation. For people in history who have sought to be able to fly, the experience was about seeing the world from a new perspective, and that is exactly what Lift Aircraft Hexa provides for their customers.

What are Lift Aircraft?

The best way to describe this particular style of flying is the individual bird’s eye experience. These aircraft are unlike anything most people have seen when it comes to human flight. Each vessel resembles a toy remote control drone, except that it is super-sized to be able to fit a human pilot. The experience is unique because you experience vertical lift-off immediately and get to see the world from a top-down perspective. They are easy to maneuver and don’t even require a pilot’s license.

What’s it like?

Lift makes use of a multirotor drone aircraft experience. Simply put: it looks like a drone, but you can fly it yourself. As the website says, “personal flight is one of humanity’s most enduring aspirations, but has historically only been available to a privileged few with the money, time and skill to fly traditional aircraft. We’re making the joy and utility of personal, vertical flight accessible to everyone.” And that’s exactly what these crafts are capable of.

How does it work?

The Hexa aircraft is constructed of a carbon fiber frame with eighteen independently running electric motors and propellers that help to create a perfectly controlled and stable flight experience. The frame is light – only weighing about 435 lbs total without the pilot. The craft is also amphibious – it’s equipped with four perimeter floats that allow for safe water landings. When it comes to steering, you’ve got two options: a 3 axis joystick, or the seven inch touchscreen, which also allows for a hands-free flying experience.

Is this safe?

The LIFT Aircraft Hexa can be flown and landed with up to 6 of the motors disabled, and since that is something highly unlikely to happen, you can rest easy knowing that your flight will be perfectly safe. As far as safety features to add extra peace of mind, the craft comes with an autonomous ballistic parachute as well as a whole craft airbag system, making sure that you’re safe in the event of a bumpy landing.

What’s the experience like?

If you’ve decided that this sounds like something fun you’d like to try, then you’re ready to check out the Lift location nearest you. When you arrive at the Lift location, you’ll check in, where you’ll sign the waiver and then go through orientation. Before you get off the ground, you’ll also spend a bit of time in the simulator, learning the basics of flight in one of their crafts. This will be followed by a knowledge and proficiency test, just to check that you were paying attention! Then you’ll go through the pre-flight checklist with their crew before boarding and buckling in. At this point, off you go into the geofenced flight area. Don’t worry, the whole time you’re up you’ll have contact with the company’s primary and secondary flight controllers, who will be able to take over your craft remotely if necessary.

How do I fly?

If this sounds like an amazing experience, you’re probably wondering how you can get in on it. First, download the Lift app onto your phone and find a location near you. Next, you’ll select your destination. If there’s more than one near you, you’ll have the option to fly your craft to another location! Then you’ll arrive for your reserved fly time. At this point you’ll go through the experience above. If Lift isn’t yet available in your area, simply head to the website and add your city to the wait-list.