Boosted Rev Electric Scooter: It’s safe, sturdy and awesome

Boosted Rev Electric Scooter is sturdy, safe and fast. Image Credit: Boosted, Inc.

Commuting is one of the biggest challenges of the modern age. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American spends 9 days every year simply getting to and from work. Many people in other urban centers have it worse. Interestingly, the time we spend commuting is only a fraction of the problem. Sustainability poses an even bigger challenge.

It is no surprise, therefore, that a lot of companies have taken an interest in facilitating faster and sustainable commuting. Boosted is one such company and their latest product, the Boosted Rev electric scooter, may just be their best yet. Boosted Rev promises to revolutionize the way we think about commuting. According to the manufacturers, it’s a perfect embodiment of “industry leading-safety standards, high performance, and vehicle-grade quality.”

Design and features

Boosted Rev comes with a shiny black aluminum frame, sturdy wheels, and a general appearance that sends a clear message that this is not just another commuting toy but a serious vehicle. The e-scooter has a sleek and solid finish that’s worthy of a luxury vehicle, but its aesthetics do not tell the full story. Boosted Rev is packed with numerous features that make it arguably the fastest, safest, and best e-scooter around.

Top speed and range

According to the manufacturers, Boosted Rev can attain a top speed of 24 mph, making it comfortably faster than most of its peers. At full charge, the scooter can transport you over a 22-mile distance and it only takes about 3 hours of charge time to attain full charge. Whether you’re dashing to work or hanging out with friends, you can always trust Boosted Rev to get you there, and get you there fast.

Impressive safety features

When a scooter promises a top speed of 24mph, you should be concerned about your safety while riding at that speed. Boosted Rev has you covered on the safety front. The e-scooter offers three different braking options, bringing you to a quick and safe halt whenever you want it to.

Boosted Rev’s throttle wheel lets you stop and go with the roll of your thumb

The fat and sturdy tires are designed to seamlessly navigate difficult terrain while the stable frame absorbs as much shock as a scooter can. Even while riding at high speeds, you’ll still feel safe and in control. It is important to note, however, that you shouldn’t ride beyond certain speeds on roads with cracks and bumps or busy streets.


At the center of the handlebar, a screen shows you the scooter’s battery life, speed, and ride mode. Unfortunately, the display doesn’t have an odometer. Instead, the mobile application records your mileage and you can always check the distance traveled on the app.

Three ride modes

Just like all other Boosted ‘vehicles’, this e-scooter has beginner, intermediate and advanced modes. The three modes have different top speeds and acceleration levels. You can always switch modes whenever you feel you’re ready for some next-level action.

Weighs more than the average scooter

At 46 pounds, Boosted Rev is definitely on the heavy side. To make it easier to carry, there’s a latch that allows your handlebar tube to fold down and lock into place on the stomp brake. When this happens, you get some kind of handle that enables you to lift your scooter. Even at that, the Boosted Rev still feels like a giant suitcase, but that’s the least you can expect from something so sturdy and durable. Thankfully, you may not need to carry your scooter that much. The design is such that it can be easily locked up on a bike rack or pole.

Pricing info

Boosted Rev electric scooter is available for order on Boosted’s official website. The scooter is currently priced at $1,600. According to the website, shipping is scheduled to start this month.