The electric dirt-bike/scooter you can take anywhere

Kuberg Ranger Electric Dirt Bike Scooter Hybrid
From the streets to the mountains, the Ranger is designed to conquer any terrain. Images © Kuberg

Electric scooters and bikes have been taking cities by storm and reinventing how people travel from point A to point B. But now, there’s something new on the market that’s combining the dirt-bike and scooter to make something practical and adventurous—introducing the Kuberg Ranger.

The European company Kuberg has been working on the Ranger for over nine years, and it is now finally available to the public. Kuberg wanted to build an electric bike that a rider could take anywhere. From the streets to the mountains, the Ranger is designed to conquer any terrain. However, it’s not just a bike. The automatically reclining seat converts it into an electric scooter with the click of a button, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.


Kuberg makes each Ranger by hand, and the company has given the bike a unique design to match its one-of-a-kind versatility. The Ranger has a sleek, slender build with a mixed appearance of a dirt-bike and mountain bike.

If the rider decides to raise the pneumatic seat to their preferred height, the Ranger instantly looks like a heavy-duty electric scooter. Lowering the seat and standing up creates a lower center of gravity, and riders can enjoy more stability and control – great for those offroad trails!

The Kuberg Ranger has a steel frame, and the total weight comes in at 50 kgs (110 lb). The size and weight make it a durable bike that riders can handle easily.

The Ranger’s pneumatic seat rises by the press of a button to your preferred seat height.


Kuberg created its own battery to give the Ranger an impressive amount of power, speed, and torque with special features to prevent overheating. At full power, the bike has a range of 30 km (19 mi) with a single battery pack or 60 km (38 mi) with a double battery pack, and it can reach speeds up to 80 kph (50 mph) – not bad for an electric bike.

When the battery runs out of juice, charging only takes two hours before the bike is ready to hit the road again.

Ride it anywhere

The Kuberg Ranger has three different modes that can be changed on the fly to give you the right amount of power for every scenario. The offroad tires provide more than enough grip to climb steep dirt hills, and the durable shocks can handle bumps, roots, and debris without a problem. However, once the bike hits the paved road, the smooth and silent ride will make it easy to forget that the Ranger is also an offroad machine.


To make the Ranger even more functional, Kuberg offers the Ranger Trailer for an additional €560 (US$573). The trailer hooks onto the back of the bike and has a load capacity of 30kg (66 lbs). It’s the perfect addition for anyone wanting to take the bike grocery shopping or into the mountains with camping equipment.

Kuberg Ranger Trailer

Price and availability

The Ranger’s top-of-the-line materials and hybrid features put the price between US$5,508 and US$8,695, depending on the model and size. Kuberg’s website provides the location for all dealerships that carry Rangers, and customers can also order the bikes online.

Source: Kuberg