TopLift Pro: Ultimate Jeep hardtop removal and storage solution

TopLift Pro helps you remove and store your Jeep hardtop solo in less than 2 minutes. Images © TopLift Pros

When nice weather rolls around and you want to take off that hardtop and create the full Jeep open-air experience, it feels almost impossible to do by yourself. There is, however, a great Jeep hardtop removal tool that can mean you never have to bother your neighbors, friends or family members again: it’s called the TopLift Pro.

What is the TopLift Pro?

TopLift Pro is a simple mechanical frame that once assembled forms a lifting system. With some small amount of pressure pushing down on the lever, the roof pops right out and then hangs upon the frame for storage. You can then simply roll the TopLift Pro into your garage for storage. What’s more, the ergonomic design allows you to place the TopLift Pro and stored roof against the back wall of the garage and still park your Jeep Wrangler in front.

To restore the roof, all you need to do is once again roll the TopLift Pro back to the rear of your Wrangler — ensuring you keep the stored roof lifted above the Wrangler to avoid any bumps or knocks — line up the sides of the roof with the Wrangler frame and then simply lower it into position.

The TopLift Pro is designed for use with all Jeep Wrangler JK and JL models — that’s all models from 2007 to the present newest ones — including both 2- and 4-door builds. You can even use it on a lifted Jeep thanks to the adjustable inserts in the frame.

Solid construction

The TopLift Pro comprises a construction of tubular steel arms and frame that are powder coated for additional durability. It sits atop 4 heavy-duty casters with which you can easily roll the TopLift Pro into position for removal and replacement of the roof, as well as into the garage or other space for convenient storage.

Durable and solidly constructed as it is, the Jeep hardtop removal tool is surprisingly light and easy to maneuver on its casters. You’d never think that removing and replacing a Jeep Wrangler roof could be so simple.

Add PowerPro for additional comfort

If the lever action of the TopLift Pro is still too much, then you can make life even easier with the PowerPro add-on. The PowerPro works in conjunction with your TopLift Pro. Once purchased, you can clip the PowerPro upgrade onto your existing TopLift Pro with minimum fuss.

After installation, your TopLift Pro transforms from a manual lifting device into a powered lifting device. All you have to do is roll the now-upgraded TopLift Pro into position as usual, but instead of working the lever to pop the roof off, you can simply press the PowerPro button and let the motorized lifting arms do the work.

Convenience for all Wrangler owners

This means that now just about anyone out there can take advantage of the many benefits of the TopLift Pro system. Use it with or without the PowerPro upgrade, the easy lifting effect and handy storage capabilities are the same. TopLift Pro is available via their website for $899.99 and the PowerPro attachment goes for $299.99

Source: TopLift Pros