Freebord 5-X: Snowboarding with the convenience of a skateboard

Freebord 5-X offers the sensation of snowboarding with the convenience of a skateboard.

The Freebord 5-X is the perfect cross-training device. Although it looks nothing like a typical snowboard, Freebord’s castor system rotates 360° to simulate the motion of a snowboard. This gives all levels of riders the freedom to cruise hard and try out tricks they never thought they were capable of.

Design and features

Freebord is the perfect hybrid between a skateboard and a longboard. Despite mimicking the exact movement of a snowboard, it doesn’t come with the leg shackles that could make snowboards boring to ride. With Freebord 5-X, riders can dig into their bag of tricks and spring out amazing surprises like never before.

The device’s ability to replicate the movement of a snowboard on a pavement ensures riders can enjoy a good part of their snowboarding experience without having to wait for the perfect weather and cough out money for the expensive lift tickets. Below are some of the unique features of the Freebord 5-X that make it such a joy to ride:

Edge wheels: The edge wheel is fabricated using an all-new proprietary formula that offers peerless slide reliability and consistency. The wheels are versatile enough to suit all kinds of pavements and durable enough to last for years.

Castor wheels: The castor wheels are fastened to a split-baseplate that serves to increase overall strength and serviceability.

7-ply deck: Freebord’s deck sports a waist that’s narrower than most other regular boards. According to the manufacturers, the narrow waist allows for more torsional reflex and responsive edge control.

5-X Truck: The singular feature that clearly distinguishes Freebord 5-X from all other Freebord versions is the independent suspension hanger arms with rounded edges. The hanger arms facilitate smooth grinds and help maintain balance while trying out tricks.

S2 Bindings: The board’s S2 bindings assure maximum leverage and makes it easier to step out of the board at high speeds.

Independent suspension

Conventional skateboards are known to be more challenging to maneuver than snowboards. To ensure users get the best experience possible, Freebord 5-X features independent suspension hangers that maximize its turning radius. Even beginner users can now match the turning trajectory of snowboards. This brings a much-needed relief for riders who previously had to spend years mastering the technique of edge control.
Additionally, the springs in the 5-X design facilitate smooth rides and dampen vibrations on rough surfaces. They also ensure the rider’s weight is distributed across all the edge wheels, making it easier to maintain balance while trying out new tricks and flicks.

Unconventional rocker

The distance of Freebord’s edge wheels from the ground is unlike any board you have ever seen. The device’s one-of-a-kind rocker gives users ample freedom to drift, carve, and slide in a lateral motion. Essentially, riders can command Freebord to do their bidding without trying too hard.

Pricing info

Freebord 5-X is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The Indiegogo campaign has been widely successful, generating over 150% of the target with 11 days left. You can visit the official campaign page to check out the valuable pledges and perks.