Making waves, literally: A deep dive into the UNIT Surf Pool’s innovative technology

UNIT Surf Pool Deepwater Artificial Wave Technology
UNIT Surf Pool aims to revolutionizing surfing with Eco-friendly, deepwater artificial wave technology. Images © UNIT Surf Pool

In the bustling city of Cologne, Germany, a groundbreaking invention is altering the artificial wave technology landscape. The UNIT Surf Pool, a masterpiece crafted by Johannes Degenhardt and his industrious team at UNIT Surf Pool GmbH, offers an unparalleled deepwater surfing experience. This state-of-the-art creation is making ripples worldwide and has the potential to revolutionize the global surf industry.

The genesis of the UNIT Surf Pool came from a decade of experience designing features and obstacles for wake and cable parks. With this reservoir of expertise, Degenhardt and his team were able to conceptualize and build a unique wave system. The innovative technology behind this system was designed not only to mimic the ocean’s thrilling ride but also to be eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Unlike many artificial wave systems that produce a sheet wave, such as the Flowrider, the UNIT Surf Pool engineers a deepwater standing wave. This design sets it apart from its competitors and allows it to deliver a more authentic surfing experience. The wave’s height can be adjusted easily, allowing for a broad spectrum of users, from beginners to professionals, to benefit from it. Any surfboard equipped with fins can ride these waves, making the skills practiced on it easily transferable to ocean surfing.

The technology behind the UNIT Surf Pool is nothing short of fascinating. At its heart lies a centuries-old fluid dynamics phenomenon—the hydraulic jump. This concept, typically applied in managing water energy in dam spillways, has been creatively utilized in this cutting-edge wave pool design. By transforming a fast, turbulent flow into a slower, calmer one, the UNIT Surf Pool mimics the behaviour of ocean waves, making for an authentic and thrilling surf experience.

UNIT Surf Pool How it Works
The UNIT Surf Pool uses the hydraulic jump phenomenon to transform high-speed water flow into a slower, more stable wave, delivering an authentic surfing experience.

The UNIT Surf Pool offers two primary installation models: floating and embedded. Each model has unique features that make it adaptable to a variety of environments. The floating version, which requires no construction, can be installed in a body of water that’s at least 5 meters deep, 150 meters long, and 50 meters wide. Remarkably, this model doesn’t just conserve water but also enhances the water quality of lakes by increasing circulation. This results in cleaner, healthier waterways, embodying UNIT Surf Pool GmbH’s commitment to eco-consciousness.

On the other hand, the embedded version is a stationary model requiring a 36-meter-long basin. This model is especially suited for urban areas, private residential spaces, or sports arenas. Both models can adjust their wave width from 8 to 50 meters, providing flexibility in usage. The modular design of the UNIT Surf Pool allows for easy expansion in increments of two meters, making it a truly adaptable solution for various settings.

UNIT Surf Pool Wave Height Adjustment
The wave’s height can be adjusted, welcoming surfers of all skill levels, from novices to pros.

The investment appeal of the UNIT Surf Pool is substantial. The floating model can be installed in a short period of two weeks, promising a swift return on investment (ROI). The structure is crafted from durable steel, capable of withstanding both freshwater and saltwater environments. The cost ranges between $1 and $10 million, depending on the pool’s size and the construction type. The pool also includes a walkway that facilitates the presence of spectators during competitions and brand activation events, making it a beneficial feature for commercial establishments.

UNIT Surf Pool Width Size
The UNIT Surf Pool can be expanded in increments of two meters, adjusting wave width from 8 up to 50 meters.

The potential for quick monetization of the UNIT Surf Pool is immense. Given its minimal maintenance and low operational costs, the pool can start generating revenue swiftly. Surfers can book their slots all year round, offering a steady stream of income. Each session can accommodate up to 15 participants, making it an efficient usage of space and resources.

The journey of the UNIT Surf Pool began with its first launch in a lake in Langenfeld, near Cologne, Germany, in 2018. Following its success, a second pool was established in Milan, Italy, in 2019. After these two successful implementations, the technology drew international attention, prompting its export to different corners of the globe. Today, the company is extending its reach by constructing new rideable waves in the United States, Mexico, and various European locations.

UNIT Surf Pool Surrounding Walkway
The spectator-friendly UNIT Surf Pool features a surrounding walkway for audience engagement during surfing competitions and events.

In conclusion, the UNIT Surf Pool is a revolutionary stride in the surf industry. By combining an eco-friendly approach, an energy-efficient design, and a scientific concept, it creates an authentic and engaging deepwater surfing experience. This innovation presents tremendous possibilities for watersports venues, shopping malls, residential communities, and hotels, making it an attractive investment for forward-thinking businesses.

UNIT Surf Pool Aerial View
Aerial view of the UNIT Surf Pool

Source: UNIT Surf Pool