The Prototype Wedge Camper for the Tesla Cybertruck by Space Campers

Space Campers Wedge Prototype Cybertruck Camper
With its innovative design, the Wedge Camper transforms Tesla's Cybertruck into a compact, versatile base camp. Images © Space Campers

As Tesla fans gear up for the anticipated arrival of the Cybertruck, Space Campers, a forward-thinking outdoor lifestyle company, has revealed a prototype pop-up recreational vehicle (RV) – the Wedge Camper – designed to dovetail with the unique dimensions of Elon Musk’s brainchild. Tesla enthusiasts have been left intrigued by this innovative solution, which promises to bring an entirely new dimension to camping experiences.

In mid-July, Musk made an announcement regarding the completion of the first production Cybertruck via the platform formerly known as Twitter. With a considerable backlog of reservation holders, the potential demand for accessories and upgrades tailored to the truck’s unique dimensions is considerable. The automotive aftermarket has struggled to cater to this demand due to the truck’s unconventional specifications. However, Space Campers is breaking new ground with its prototype Wedge Camper, a tangible solution rather than the speculative renderings we’ve seen thus far.

The Wedge Camper, designed to level out the sloped sides of the Cybertruck bed, not only provides a flat sleeping platform but also employs modular components to create a versatile base camp within a small footprint. Its modular interior panels can be adjusted into different configurations, including a double bed and a lounger for upright sitting.

The camper’s high-peaked roof allows for an impressive standing height of 8 feet (2.4 m) inside the pickup bed when the sleeping platform is lifted. Ample headroom over the sleeping platform and meshed fabric sidewalls and doors ensure proper ventilation. The interior ceiling is lined with an aesthetically pleasing bamboo-look material and is lit by an array of inset LED lighting.

Space Campers Wedge Prototype Cybertruck Camper Kitchen
The Space Campers’ kitchen section is prepped and primed for culinary adventures.

In a distinct move away from the self-contained gas struts typically used on pop-up roofs, Space Campers’ struts utilize Tesla’s onboard air compressor for automated opening, a feature that takes mere seconds to operate. The design also integrates with the truck’s keyless tailgate locking system for quick and effortless security.

An interesting feature seen in Space Camper’s short preview video is the roll-up weatherproof storm door which doubles as a large awning, supported by collapsible poles. Although the video does not demonstrate any modular components being set up inside or out, Space Campers has confirmed that the sleeping panels will double as tables and benches. Additionally, they are planning to offer accessories such as a kitchen, outdoor shower/bathroom, insulation, and solar power.

Space Campers Wedge Prototype Cybertruck Camper Flatbed Trailer
The flatbed trailer seems to be a temporary solution for transporting the Wedge prototype, while waiting for an actual Cybertruck.

The camper’s design includes integrated storage cubbies, tie-down points, and four 120-V outlets in its bed-leveling sidewalls. As the Cybertruck approaches its release, Space Campers plans to adapt and refine its prototype using the actual truck. Company founder and head engineer Lee Wilkerson stated, “We’re planning to act as fast as possible once the Cybertruck hits the road.”

In addition to the Wedge Camper, Space Campers has announced the Cap – a fixed-roof accessory for the Cybertruck. Pickup truck caps are a popular accessory that offers security around the bed and appeals to a wide demographic beyond camping enthusiasts.

Space Campers Cybertruck Cap
Space Campers hasn’t disclosed pricing for the fixed-roof Cybertruck Cap yet, but an early-bird waiting list is available for interested parties.

As of now, Space Campers has not released any pricing information for the Cap. However, they have opened a waiting list for interested customers. Pricing for the Wedge camper begins at $24,000, but the optional nature of the components suggests the average sales price could be significantly higher.

The public will get their first glimpse of the Wedge prototype at the upcoming Tesla Takeover in San Luis Obispo, California, the hometown of Space Campers. As Tesla’s Cybertruck finally rolls out on the roads, fans and outdoor enthusiasts can look forward to an enhanced camping experience, thanks to the innovative designs of Space Campers. Take a look at the simple assembly of the Wedge in the brief video below.

Source: Space Campers