Tetravan turned a box trailer into a luxurious mobile home

Tetravan Luxurious Cargo Trailer Conversion
The Tetravan Trailer blends luxury with ruggedness, offering a cozy retreat in the midst of snowy landscapes. Images courtesy Tetravan

In a bold move to enhance the camping experience, Tetravan, a company based in Salt Lake City, has reimagined the conventional box trailer into a luxurious camper that combines functionality with comfort. This transformation has led to the creation of a trailer that not only serves as a transportable living space but also embodies modern design and efficient use of space.

Julian Secomb, the mind behind Tetravan, leveraged his expertise in furniture design for luxury vehicles to address a common shortfall in the camper industry: a fully functional, space-efficient shower. Unlike traditional campers that compromise either comfort or space with their shower solutions, Tetravan introduced a novel approach with its fold-out shower basin. This design innovation minimizes space usage by integrating the shower into the trailer’s structure, either beneath the rear bed or within a cabinet, enhancing the overall usability of the interior.

The development of the Tetravan Trailer started with the selection of a 12 x 7-ft ATC Raven aluminum cargo trailer. This particular model was chosen for its robust construction and spacious interior, which includes 6.5 feet of headroom. The transformation of this cargo trailer into a cozy, inviting space required extensive planning and hundreds of hours of work.

A significant challenge was turning the trailer’s wedge-shaped nose, an area typically unsuitable for camper use, into a functional and versatile cook/workstation. The solution was a portable Camp Chef Ranger dual-burner stove, cleverly concealed beneath a hinged counter, allowing the space to swiftly transition from a kitchen to a workspace.

Tetravan Camper Trailer Convertible Shower
Enjoy a hot shower anywhere with the Tetravan folding shower, which sets up in under a minute with its fold-down design and magnetic curtain.

The trailer’s design cleverly accommodates sleeping arrangements for three people without sacrificing living space. Instead of the common convertible dinette bed found in many travel trailers, Tetravan opted for a hideaway shower and a fixed rear bedroom. This design choice not only maximizes living space but also includes storage under the bed, accessible from the rear of the trailer. The folding shower, integrated into the design, unfolds in less than a minute, showcasing Tetravan’s commitment to efficiency and user-friendly solutions.

Tetravan Camper Trailer Convertible Kitchen
The stove has a fold down cover when you aren’t using it, turning one of your kitchen countertops into a office workspace.

While the shower’s strategic placement enhances the trailer’s living space, it does limit the possibility of pass-through loading, focusing instead on creating a comfortable and luxurious interior. This approach reflects Tetravan’s vision of offering a high-end camping experience, where the emphasis is on the quality of living space rather than the capacity to haul adventure gear.

Tetravan Camper Trailer Convertible Dinette
The upholstered dinette easily converts into a twin bed, accommodating anyone up to 6’4″ – ideal for kids and tall adults alike.

The interior design of the trailer further emphasizes luxury and comfort, with teak-veneered cabinetry and solid teak trim giving the space a warm and upscale feel. Ambient lighting adds to the cozy atmosphere, making the trailer an inviting space for relaxation and work. The inclusion of a small two-seat dinette, which converts into an additional sleeping area, adds to the trailer’s versatility.

Tetravan Cargo Trailer Conversion Bed Ladder
The trailer features a bed ladder that attaches to the front of the shower for easy access.

From a technical standpoint, the Tetravan Trailer is equipped to ensure a comfortable off-grid experience. It features a 200-Ah Renogy lithium battery, a 2,000-W inverter, and a 600-W solar array, with provision for an additional battery. A tankless gas water heater, 12V air conditioner, diesel heater, and comprehensive insulation ensure comfort in various climates. Water storage is thoughtfully divided between fresh and gray water tanks, accommodating extended stays without frequent refills.

Tetravan Cargo Trailer Conversion Garage Space
Beneath the bed, Tetravan has outfitted the trailer with appliances and an open garage area for storage.

Launched as an experimental design study in 2023, the Tetravan Trailer is priced at $85,000. This price reflects the trailer’s bespoke nature, the quality of materials used, and the innovative features it offers. Weighing 3,800 lbs and in near-new condition, the trailer represents Tetravan’s unique vision for luxury camping. Although currently a one-off with no plans for mass production, the Tetravan Trailer showcases what’s possible in the realm of camper design, blending luxury, functionality, and the spirit of adventure in a compact, towable form.

Tetravan Cargo Trailer Conversion Layout
Tetravan Trailer layout.

Source: Tetravan