Ayro Vanish aims to fill a gap in the electric utility truck market

Ayro Vanish Micro Electric Utility Truck
The multifunctional Ayro Vanish operates as a low-speed electric utility vehicle. Images © AYRO

Texan startup, Ayro, is setting out to revolutionize the micro electric trucking industry. With numerous manufacturers focusing on larger electric trucks, Ayro has identified a void in the market for smaller utility vehicles and has designed the “Vanish” to fill this gap.

Introduced to the public via a livestreamed event back in February, the Vanish low-speed electric vehicle is set to redefine the sector between large electric trucks and small utility carts. The practical applications of the micro electric utility truck are extensive, ranging from corporate and medical campuses to hotels, resorts, food and merchandise outlets, and university campuses. Other potential users include golf courses, stadiums, arenas, governments, municipalities, and urban delivery.

The Vanish has been designed with a compact yet versatile structure in mind. It measures 155 inches (393 cm) in length, stands about 76 inches (193 cm) high, and is approximately 60 inches (162 cm) wide when the side mirrors are folded. The axial-flux electric motor enables it to reach a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h), which it can sustain at gradients of up to 30% for a quarter-mile. The vehicle is equipped with a Li-ion battery that allows it to travel more than 50 miles (80.5 km) per charge.

The Vanish’s road presence is reinforced by its proprietary 15-inch wheels fitted with Schlagernull all-season tires. A turning radius of 12.5 ft (3.8 m) enhances its maneuverability in urban environments. To ensure safe braking, all-wheel disc brakes are fitted, and adjustable regenerative braking is also available. Furthermore, it features independent shocks to the front and a solid e-axle with shocks in the rear, ensuring a smooth ride.

Ayro Vanish Micro Electric Utility Truck Configurations
The Ayro Vanish micro electric utility truck can be kitted out as a flat-bed truck, a pickup or a delivery van with a food box.

The vehicle’s flexibility doesn’t stop with its size and maneuverability. The Vanish boasts a payload capacity of 1,200 lb (544 kg) for street-legal operation and can reportedly tow up to 1,150 lb (~520 kg). With different swappable bed configurations, the micro electric utility truck is suitable for a range of activities and can be configured as a flat-bed truck, a pickup, or a delivery van with a food box, providing end-use flexibility.

In order to promote its new product, Ayro will embark on a “roadshow” tour of cities in Texas from August 2, giving partners, dealers, and customers the chance to experience the vehicle in person and go hands-on. This tour will begin in San Antonio and end in Austin on August 24. The company’s CEO, Tom Wittenschlaeger, stated, “This roadshow is an opportunity for current and potential partners and select customers to meet our team, ask questions, and experience our cutting-edge design first-hand.”

Ayro Vanish Micro Electric Utility Truck Features
The Ayro Vanish’s cabin comfortably seats two and includes a 7-inch display, a Bluetooth sound system, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, a rear-view camera, and a heater.

Ayro’s innovative design for the Vanish has already garnered accolades for its functionality, creativity, and commitment to sustainability. For those interested in owning the Ayro Vanish, pre-orders are now open with a US$250 refundable deposit securing your place in line. The expected full price for the vehicle is $33,900, a competitive price tag for the innovative addition to the micro electric utility truck market. Check the brief video below for more.

Source: Ayro