Snowfeet: Portable ski-shoe attachments turn your boots into mini skis!

Snowfeet are portable ski-shoe attachments that turn your boots into mini skis!

For skating and skiing enthusiasts, the massive growth experienced by the industry in recent times couldn’t be any more welcome. Each year, innovative and sustainable products are hitting the market. So much so that you could try something new for every skiing trip. Snowfeet is one such new product and it has enjoyed widespread acceptance since it was launched. The major selling point of Snowfeet is its promise to convert any pair of snowboard boots or shoes into a combination of skates and skis. Whether your next adventure involves gliding down a ski slope or zipping along expanses of snow, you can trust Snowfeet to have you covered.

Design and features

At first glance, you could easily confuse Snowfeet for an elongated pair of sandals and you might start wondering if anyone’s foot is really that long. But the straps on this one size fits all accessory are nothing like regular sandal straps. They look like a ski binding and the ‘sandal’ is that long because it’s designed to accommodate all kinds of shoes or boots, including regular snowboard boots. Unlike most skating or skiing gears, Snowfeet is small and lightweight. Thus, it doesn’t add much bulk to your luggage.

To facilitate smooth gliding on snow or ice, there are metal ski edges beneath Snowfeet’s soles. Although Snowfeet appears to be specially designed for the adventurous skaters that won’t mind gliding at breathtaking speeds, there’s still an integrated brake to help you slow down or stop.

How does Snowfeet perform when compared with regular skis or snowboards?

There is no arguing that Snowfeet Mini Skis score higher than the competition on the comfort and portability scales. However, users have remarked that it’s more difficult to maneuver or stop while skiing in Snowfeet. Furthermore, their smaller surface area reduces their performance in powder.

If you’re a beginner and hoping to have a great skiing or skating experience in Snowfeet, you may have to avoid very steep slopes. If your skiing or skating game is top-notch, however, Snowfeet may just be the most adventurous gear you ever owned.

The best for park style and tricks

Snowfeet is perfectly suited for park style and tricks. With Snowfeet, you’ll have ample opportunity to improve your balance while trying out the most amazing flicks and stunts. Beyond the tricks and stunts, they could also be a great method of transportation in snowy areas. Moreover, their portability offers an immense advantage on this front.

Pricing info

Snowfeet had a massively successful crowdfunding campaign and it began shipping during the first quarter of the year. Click here to get a pair of Snowfeet for only $139.