3Dsimo Multipro: Multi-functional workshop that fits into your pocket

The 3Dsimo Multipro is a multifunctional workshop specially designed for 3D printing fans and makers.

Imagine having a 3D printer, plastic welder, soldering station, jigsaw, electric screwdriver, small drill, and resistance wire cutter, all in your pocket. Sounds impossible, right? Well, it was. But the seemingly far-fetched dream is now a reality with the introduction of Multipro by 3Dsimo.

The multifunctional workshop is specially designed for 3D printing fans and makers and everyone else that needs an all-in-one mobile workshop. What’s more? You can build the device yourself and customize it to your needs. According to the manufacturers, the 3Dsimo Kit 2, a spin-off from the Multipro is the world’s first open-source multifunctional tool, and 3D printing enthusiasts couldn’t be more excited.

Create or Repair with the Drawing tool

The Multipro is compatible with all the 3D orienting filaments currently on the market (ABS, PLA, HiPS, Flexi, Fluorescent, Wood, Metalic, Thermochrome, Conductive, e.t.c.). Simply set the temperature and feeding speed to suit the filament you’re working with. With the Multipro, you can create phone covers, models of buildings, jewelry, cosplay parts, statues, household items, toys, and much more. You can also repair a wide range of items including 3D printed objects, toys, electronic devices, delaminated cables, etc.

The most versatile burning tool out there

Multipro’s burning tool is your passport to owning a collection of truly unique wearables. It allows you to customize everything wood, leather or plastic, including but not limited to, sneakers and shoes, leather wallets, belts, wood jewelry, office desks, and even your pet’s collar. But the burning tool does more than just customize your wearables. You can also use it to repair 3D printed objects. It’s useful for any operation that requires low-flame heat; think repairing cracked 3D objects and other plastic devices.

Awaken the electrical engineer in you

The Multipro tool set comes with a soldering tip that can heat up to 490°C within 20 seconds. It performs better than many soldering stations out there and it’s much cheaper and safer to use. Whether you’re trying to fix your USB cable or damaged headphone, 3Dsimo’s Multipro gives you the freedom to solder on without worries.

Cutter, jigsaw, screwdriver, and drill: it truly has everything

There’s no arguing that the features highlighted above are enough to make the Multipro a good tool. But 3Dsimo did not set out to make a good tool; they planned to make a really great one. That is why the Multipro still boasts a resistance cutter, jigsaw, and a drill. We can bet there has never been a better representation of what a complete mobile workshop should look like.

There’s room for improvement!

The 3Dsimo Kit 2 is a spin-off from the Multipro and it features only 4 tools- drawing, soldering, and foam cutting tools. The company has made all of the Kit 2’s hardware and software available on Github, giving room for enthusiasts to tweak the model as they deem fit. According to the manufacturers, the 3Dsimo Kit 2’s assembly is user-friendly and anyone can imitate the process by following the manual or watching the short video guide.

Pricing info

Multipro is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The Indiegogo Campaign has been hugely successful thus far, having met more than 680% of its target with 14 days remaining. You can visit the campaign’s official page for the available pledges and rewards.