BeBird A2 aims to be a safer way to clean out your ears

BeBird A2 provides a 1080P HD view of what’s going on in your ears while you clean them out.

When it comes to cleaning one’s ears, there are two broad categories of people: those that swear by their cotton swabs and those that prefer ear candles. Unfortunately, none of these traditional methods of ear cleaning is safe or effective. More often than not, cotton swabs push the wax and other foreign bodies deeper into your ears. In extreme cases, they could even rupture the eardrum and cause significant hearing loss. Candles, on the other hand, could lead to burns or pierce the inside of your ears.

The Bebird A2 is a safe and effective option for removing ear wax and other foreign bodies from your ears. Asides doing a great job of cleaning your ears, Bebird A2 comes with an ear otoscope that provides a high-definition view of what’s going on in your ears. According to the manufacturers, it’s perfectly suited for adults and children alike. It promises to help keep your ears clean without hurting you.

Soft ear pick protects the ear canal

With Bebird A2, the manufacturers say that there’s a very low chance of damaging your ear while cleaning it, thanks to the device’s spoon-shaped PC + Silica ear pick. The spoon is soft and flexible and it’s particularly useful for safely cleaning children’s ear canal. This is a welcome change from cotton swabs that can easily damage the ear when excessive force is applied.

Protective plug offers even more protection

To further protect users from unfortunate accidents, the Bebird A2’s otoscope pen comes with a protective earplug. This plug controls the pen’s maximum depth of the stick, consequently preventing it from going deep into their ear canal and protecting the eardrum. The plug can be adjusted to accommodate the depth of different ear canals.

Disinfection lamp

A lot of people may be skeptical about the potential of infecting your ears while using the Bebird A2 since you’ll be using the same ear pick for both ears, and on multiple occasions. Although, disposable cotton swabs, if stored appropriately present very little risk of infecting the ears, they are not environmentally friendly. To eliminate any risk of infection, the Bebird A2 comes with a unique and creative disinfection lamp that automatically sterilizes all microbes on the ear pick after each use. The cap also keeps it sterile until the next use.

Automatic connection, long battery life

The video feed provided by the Bebird A2 is automatically uploaded to your phone. Even without any prior experience or training, you can easily see what’s going on in your ear canal while cleaning it. The device also boasts a long battery life; one hour of charging provides enough battery power to last 10 days of regular daily use.

Pricing info

Bebird A2 is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The Indiegogo campaign has been hugely successful. You can check out the official campaign page to see the available pledges and rewards.