The UNIT 1 Ski Helmet: Wireless audio & walkie-talkie

The UNTI 1 ski helmet comes with walkie-talkie, glove-proof controls and detachable headphones.

If you’re an avid skier, you would agree your skiing experience is only as good as your skiing gear. Whether you need to keep in touch with your skiing buddies or you wish to listen to some dope tunes while gliding up and down the slopes, a good audio kit is an essential part of any complete skiing gear.

The UNIT 1 ski helmet combines everything you will want in your skiing audio kit – headphones and a walkie-talkie. If you love a multi-functional device that combines superior safety, aesthetics, communication and music, there is no doubt you will fall in love with the UNIT 1 helmet.

The all-new walkie-talkie app

The only thing more pleasurable than skiing is skiing with your friends. However, quite often, one person gets lost and goes off the grid, leaving the others worried sick. UNIT 1 helmet comes with a walkie-talkie that connects your crew on the go. With the walkie-talkie app, you can share your location and talk to your ski-buddies without necessarily bringing out your phone.

Glove-proof controls

Having to take off your gloves before you operate your devices while skiing could be frustrating. That is why the helmet controls are fully glove-friendly. They give you the freedom to pause, play, skip a track, take a call, and more without even stopping. Even if you are a fan of the very thick mittens, you can rest assured you will have no trouble operating the controls with your hands covered.

Wireless Hi-Fi audio

It doesn’t matter how good your headset looks. As long as it cannot deliver quality sound, it’s not worthy of the name. UNIT 1 helmet’s powerful bass and crisp highs ensure you will never need any other headset in your life. According to the manufacturers, the headset comes with 40mm drivers and top-tier components you would only find in $300 studio headphones; the kind you would never take to the slopes.

Use your phone without using your phone

More often than not, bringing out your phone while actively skiing is a bad idea. Any regular skier would be familiar with the mini heart attack that happens whenever their phone slips from their grasp while on the slopes. With its built-in mic and Siri/Google Assistant Compatibility, UNIT 1 allows you to tap into the full functionality of your smartphone via your helmet. Gone are the days of furiously chasing after your phone on the slopes, and the wave of disappointment that hits you when you finally recover what remains of it.

Detachable headphones

UNIT 1 helmet’s superior sound quality is such that you will not mind putting on your skiing helmet in the kitchen or while going for an evening walk. But the manufacturers do not want everyone staring at you for the wrong reasons. Thanks to the innovative QUAD4LOCK technology, you can unclip your headphones and rock the wireless beauty everywhere you go.

Add all these features to the 16hrs battery life, sweat and splash resistance, rugged build, and removable ear pads, you’d agree you have unlocked a real gem!

Pricing info

The UNIT 1 ski helmet is currently at the crowdfunding stage. The Indiegogo campaign has been hugely successful, generating about 225% of the target so far. According to the manufacturers, containers of the UNIT 1 helmet are already making their way to warehouses in California and Rotterdam and backers would start receiving their packages as soon as the campaign ends. You can check out the official campaign page for the available pledges and rewards.