$4K camper kit converts VW T7 Multivan into a multi RV

Visu Moie VW T7 Multivan Camper Kit
The VW T7 Multivan has fulfilled its potential of becoming a fantastic family-friendly RV or camper. Images © Visu

There was a lot of buzz back in 2021 when Volkswagen announced the latest generation of its VW Transporter, known as the T7, or by its commercial name the Multivan. It is a family minivan in which some couldn’t help but see the potential for a fantastic family-friendly RV or camper. It seemed to be built perfectly for that task, even though the particular model was actually geared as a more typical minivan.

Luckily, one company in Czechia came up with a way to make this dream a reality.

Enter: Visu and their T7 camper kit

Czech company Visu has created a kit costing around $4,000 that can help to transform the Multivan into the “Multi RV.” In fact, the Multivan featured a number of things as standard that helped Visu along in more easily adapting their kit to the vehicle’s regular build. For instance, the Multivan comes with a multifunctional table, semi-autonomous driving capabilities on the highway, and classic floor rails, among other things.

It wasn’t so complex, then, for Visu to create what they call the Moie kit that would turn the Multivan into what many see as its true calling, adding an indoor dining lounge, outdoor kitchen, a bed, and lots of additional storage thrown in.

How does the Visu Moie kit work?

When looked at before installation, the Moie kit basically looks like a kind of floor-mounted box with lots of pull-out parts. Once installed, however, it quickly becomes apparent that it is so much more than that.

Bedding and seating

At the core of the unit is the bed, which like magic transforms into the main seating area with a central table with just 10 seconds of adjustment. The regular rear seats are completely removed during the conversion, and the Moie unit put in place. In its “default” setting, it turns the rear of the van into a flat and comfortable bed with a 7-cm (2.75-inch) thick mattress padded with recycled foam.

Visu Moie Camper Kit Bed Seating
On-the-go living room while the raindrops fall on the rooftop.

Lifting up the mattress sections from around the outside edges reveals storage compartments for all your daily adventure and camping gear, so there’s never any need to clutter up the space. The mattress itself is held in place on the surface with Velcro fasteners for no slippage. The center cushions of the bed lift out to reveal a pull-up table measuring about 1 meter (approx. 3 feet) in length, it props up in place, leaving the space underneath for leg room so two can easily share the table.

Kitchen unit

Open up the rear door of your newly converted Multivan and you’ll find the pull-out kitchen compartment complete with gas stove and barbecue top, and metal storage bin. Atop the storage bin is a workspace measuring 100 x 50-cm (approx. 3 x 1.5-ft, including the grill space). To the right of the storage box is a 15-liter (507-ounce) water storage unit with valve tap – no electricity is required to run the unit at all!

Visu Moie Camper Kit Kitchen
The grill/stove, water canister and storage compartment make up the pull-out kitchen.

The aluminum storage box is removable, allowing you to pack it up at home or use it in your home as your normal cooking storage container. When it comes time for your next camping trip, you can just slot the box back into the Moie storage compartment, and away you go!

Available now

The Visu Moie is available now via their website for €3,930 (approx. $4,000) and includes all the things described above, not to mention the laser-crafted steel frame construction and additional installed lighting. Get in touch with Visu to learn more about converting a VW Multivan into something a lot more adventurous.

Source: Visu