Rugged electric motorcycle goes 68 mph; charges in 5 hours

OX Patagonia Electric Adventure Motorcycle
Patagonia is a Scrambler motorcycle; presented as the company's first electric adventure motorcycle. Images © OX Motorcycles

The expansion of all-electric transport offerings is seemingly increasing day by day, and it doesn’t just apply to electric cars and SUVs. Choices in electric motorcycles are also expanding, such as the Patagonia electric adventure bike from Spain-based OEM, OX Motorcycles. The Patagonia is the latest in their growing range of electric bikes, offering cutting-edge design and integrated technology with rugged and adventurous durability and strength.

Off-road ready, fast, convenient

OX Motorcycles use the tagline “Off the Path” for the Patagonia, and it’s certainly a well-deserved one. The model is an evolution of their flagship model, the OX ONE, created with a longer wheelbase, increased height, and long-travel suspension, not to mention allowing the owner to take a more upright riding position.

The OX Patagonia is also fitted with side protection to the fairings to offer better protection in wilder environments. At the front of the bike is a large 19-inch wheel, paired with a 17-inch one at the rear, both equipped with deep-groove off-road tires for maximum traction. When traveling at full speed, the Patagonia can reach speeds up to 110-km/h (68-mph).

For added convenience, OX offers leather side saddlebags that offer 14 liters (about 0.5 cubic feet) of storage. Additional storage can be found in the concealed glove box, which also contains a handy USB socket to charge up your mobile devices.

Charging made easy

One of the biggest things people worry about when considering any electric vehicle is how it will be recharged. Most modern electric cars require the installation of a more powerful charging solution at home nowadays because battery capacity has grown far beyond conventional wall socket solutions. For the OX Patagonia, however, its battery can be quickly and easily charged without any additional infrastructure.

OX Patagonia Rugged Electric Motorcycle
OX Patagonia has a range of 62 miles on a single charge, and goes up to 68 mph.

The OX Patagonia is powered by a 72V/60A battery weighing just 22-kg (48-lbs). When the time comes for charging the bike, owners can open up the top, remove the battery and plug it into any household outlet. It is built to charge under these conditions from 0 to 100 percent in just 5 hours.

OX ELISA: making the ride smarter

OX Patagonia is far from just a powerful and rugged electric motorcycle, it is also an incredibly smart one thanks to its AI-powered app called ELISA. The ELISA app keeps owners and their Patagonia bikes in constant connection, allowing them to check on the bike’s location and remaining range – from a total of about 100km (62 miles) – before they even start it up and set off.

When charging, it also advises on the current charge level and remaining time before reaching maximum capacity. Owners can also use the app to navigate to either new or pre-saved “favorite” destinations. If you try to set off on a trip without enough charge, ELISA will warn you that your power levels are insufficient and so you can plan a charging stop accordingly. The system even contains a proximity alert sensor that will vibrate the handlebars if other vehicles get too close.

OX Patagonia ELISA

OX is taking reservations for the Patagonia now for just €250 (about US$257) with delivery in 2023. The final price for the electric motorcycle will be €6,900 (about US$7,080).

Source: OX Motorcycles