World’s smallest 8kW generator features a deafening microturbine

ARC Microturbine Generator
ARC is the world’s most compact 8kW generator – it is about the same size as a toolbox. Images © FusionFlight

What happens when the power goes out? Maybe some people have home generators, but most sit in the dark and patiently wait for the lights to turn on. But what happens if there’s also an emergency and no power is available? That is the problem Fusion Flight has set out to solve.

The company recently revealed the ARC – a micro-generator the size of a toolbox. Compared to other cumbersome or stationary generators, the ARC is portable and packs immense power. It is light enough to be carried by hand or stored in the back of a car.

The ARC generator could completely change power accessibility as we know it.

It started with a drone

Fusion Flight is actually an Aerospace start-up attempting to reshape what is possible for drones. Instead of building an electrical drone that is limited by conventional batteries, the company designed a diesel-fueled drone for maximum payload capacity. To achieve this, Fusion Flight equipped it with power-dense microturbines.

The company decided to use the same microturbine technology to build an extremely powerful and portable ARC generator.

Small generator, big power

Traditional generators rely on hefty engines and can weigh over 100 kg (220 lb). Fusion Flight’s ARC microturbine generator, on the other hand, only weighs a shocking 9 kg (20 lb) and generates the same amount of energy. According to the specs sheet, it has a max power of 7.4kW – a shocking amount for such a small machine.

ARC Microturbine Generator Compact Size
At just 9 kg, ARC outperforms traditional generators 10 times its weight

On top of the ARC generator, there is a handle so people can easily transport the power source wherever it is needed. As of now, fuel tanks will not be included and will have to be purchased separately.



Many planes use heavy lithium-based batteries, and Fusion Flight believes its lightweight ARC will be the obvious replacement. Additionally, drones that use this technology will not have to wait for batteries to charge. After a quick refuel, they will be back in the sky – not to mention the sheer improvement of power they will have.

Electric car extender

The ARC microturbine generator could extend the range of electric cars and other robotic machinery. When electrical hookups aren’t available, the ARC will be there to provide power. If people require more energy than one unit can provide, multiple ARC generators can be stacked to meet those needs.

Emergency power

Whenever or wherever power is needed, someone will be able to transport an ARC on foot. One person alone could easily carry two generators. Fusion Flight believes that this could be a lifesaving resource in many emergencies.

ARC Microturbine Generator Components


The biggest drawback of the ARC is the amount of noise it produces. It’s a 130,000 rpm microturbine, after all. As the generator pushes to its maximum potential, it will scream a similar sound as a jet engine – not quite as loud, but loud enough. Check out the video below – skip to 3:30 to hear it being switched on and throttled up to 50 percent.

The company has claimed that noise suppressing technologies are currently being developed. However, until then, the noise of the ARC generator is intense.


The company currently does not have a price listed on its website. However, it is safe to say that the ARC’s advanced technology, compact size, and power ability will cost a pretty penny. Keep an eye on the company’s website for more updates.

Source: FusionFlight