Exodus Capax might be the smartest pop-up camper for family adventures

Exodus Capax Hard-walled Pop-up Camper
The Exodus Capax fully set up and ready for camping. Images courtesy Exodus Rigs

In the evolving landscape of recreational vehicles (RVs), Exodus has introduced a notable contender with its Capax trailer. Designed to enhance the camping experience for the digital generation, the Capax stands out not by boasting futuristic, impractical features but by integrating practical, cutting-edge technology and smart engineering. Here, we delve into what makes the Capax one of the most intelligent RVs available today.

Design and build

The Exodus Capax is a hard-walled pop-up camper, a design trend that gained traction in 2023. It combines the durability and protection of a traditional four-walled shelter with the convenience and compactness of a trailer that can fit into a standard garage.

When collapsed, the Capax measures an even 6 feet (1.8 meters) in height, allowing it to pass through typical garage doors ranging from 7 to 8 feet (2.1 to 2.4 meters) high. This feature distinguishes it from many other hard-walled trailers that often have to be stored in driveways or RV storage centers.

Mobility and setup

The Capax’s mobility is enhanced by its axle-less air suspension system, which offers up to 19.5 inches (50 centimeters) of ground clearance and a full foot (30.5 centimeters) of travel. This flexibility allows the trailer to adapt to various ground conditions, making it easier to tow and maneuver. Additionally, the trailer’s external storage lockers remain accessible even when it is collapsed, allowing for convenient loading and unloading.

Exodus Capax Pop-up Camper Towing
On the road, the Exodus Capax lowers to a sleek 6 feet for improved towing aerodynamics.

Setting up the Capax is remarkably straightforward, thanks to its electrically actuated lift system controlled via a smartphone app and onboard touchscreen. This automation eliminates the need for manual lifting, folding, or sliding, significantly simplifying the transition from travel to campsite setup.

Smart features

The Exodus Capax is equipped with a touchscreen automation system that offers control over several features, including chassis leveling, air conditioning, and lighting. The flagship model even includes a remote-controlled trailer valet system, providing ease of maneuverability in tight spaces.

Exodus Capax Pop-up Camper Touchscreen Control
Each Capax features a touchscreen control system, with larger screens and additional options on higher trims.

Indoor and outdoor kitchens

One of the standout features of the Capax is its dual kitchen setup. The exterior kitchen includes a triple-burner stove, sink, and extendable worktop, perfect for cooking in good weather. For indoor cooking, there is a kitchen block with a dual-burner gas stove/sink combo, microwave, and Dometic fridge. The supply and spice cabinets are accessible from both inside and outside, with an outer drop-down hatch that can serve as extra worktop or table space.

Exodus Capax Pop-up Camper Outdoor Kitchen
The exterior kitchen boasts a triple-burner stove, sink, and ample workspace.

Beverage bar

Adding to its unique features, the Exodus Capax integrates an insulated cooler box into the driver-side seat back of its dining sofa. This cooler can be accessed from inside via a hinged lid or from outside through a side hatch, which also includes a bottle opener/accessories drawer.

Exodus Capax Pop-up Camper Icebox
A standout feature of the Capax is its indoor/outdoor-access icebox, keeping cold beverages within easy reach.

Sleeping and living spaces

The Capax offers flexible sleeping arrangements, with a rear dining lounge that transforms into a king-sized bed and a bunk room at the opposite end. The bunk room includes a pair of bunk beds, with the lower bunk expanding into the front storage cabinet for additional space.

Exodus Capax Pop-up Camper Dining Lounge
The roomy dining lounge offers ample space for meals and relaxation.

These sleeping areas accommodate four to five people comfortably. During the day, the bunk room can convert into an office with a desk, and the trailer stays connected with an available satellite communications package and onboard Wi-Fi booster.

Exodus Capax Pop-up Camper Bed
The dining area in the Capax easily converts into a comfortable king-sized bed for the night.

Power and connectivity

The Exodus Capax is designed to support modern digital lifestyles, with up to 400 Ah of lithium battery power and a 3,000-Watt inverter. It can draw power from up to four solar panels, ensuring that all electronic devices and systems run smoothly.

Bathroom and workshop

Exodus has paid particular attention to the bathroom design, opting for a semi-dry bathroom that provides ample space and comfort. Unlike the cramped wet bathrooms found in many RVs, the Capax’s bathroom includes a large shower floor, sufficient legroom for the toilet, and standing room in front of the sink.

Exodus Capax Pop-up Camper Mini Workshop
At the rear, the Capax includes a mini-workshop with tools, workspace, a tall gear cabinet, and a badged spare tire cover that doubles as a side table.

The rear of the trailer features a workshop space, ideal for maintaining equipment or preparing for outdoor activities. This space includes a tool storage cabinet with a fold-down worktop access door, storage drawers, a compressor hook-up for an air hose, and a tall cabinet for storing large items like fishing rods or rifles.

Additional features

The Capax includes several other notable features, such as:

  • An electric-retractable TV in the dining lounge.
  • A sound system for entertainment.
  • A Dirt Devil central vacuum system for easy cleaning.
  • A metal rear spare tire cover that doubles as a low camp table.
  • A dust suppression system.
  • A surveillance and backup camera system for enhanced security.
Exodus Capax Pop-up Camper TV
The TV emerges with a button press and retracts smoothly when not in use.

Pricing and trim levels

Exodus offers the Capax in three trim levels:

Platinum: The flagship model, priced at $160,000, includes all the advanced features and options.

SE: The mid-tier option, starting at $145,000, offers a reduced feature set.

S: The entry-level model, starting at $120,000, provides the essential features with fewer high-end options.

Exodus Capax Pop-up Camper Pantry Hatch
The drop-down hatch offers indoor/outdoor access to the pantry and also serves as a worktop or table.

Exodus also provides a comparison tool on their website to help prospective buyers understand the differences between each trim level. Additionally, they are developing add-on upgrades such as a “survival package,” “four-seasons package,” and “premium package” to further customize the trailer to specific needs.

Exodus Capax Pop-up Camper Exterior Cabinets
The Capax exterior cabinets and hatches are accessible in both camp mode and drive mode.


The Exodus Capax trailer represents a blend of smart engineering, modern technology, and practical design. Its combination of automated setup, flexible living spaces, and advanced features makes it a compelling option for families looking to enhance their camping experience. With its thoughtful integration of both indoor and outdoor amenities, the Capax stands out as one of the most intelligent and user-friendly RVs available today.

Exodus Capax Pop-up Camper Quick Setup
Quickly unhitch and set up with the push of a button.

Source: Exodus Rigs