AroundFire: Portable grill and fire pit table for gatherings

AroundFire Portable Grill Table
Experience versatile outdoor cooking with AroundFire: From patio feasts to campsite grills, set up in just 30 seconds for interactive grilling and more. Images courtesy AroundFire

The world of outdoor cooking equipment is witnessing an exciting development with the Kickstarter campaign for the “AroundFire: Most Portable Grill Table.” This campaign, which has garnered significant attention and surpassed its funding goals, reflects a growing interest in innovative and user-friendly outdoor cooking solutions.

Most Portable Grill Table

Campaign Overview and Success

The Kickstarter campaign for AroundFire was launched on December 7, 2023, with an initial funding goal of $5,000. The response from backers was immediate and enthusiastic, quickly surpassing the target. As of this writing, the campaign has raised $64,389, demonstrating significant market interest. This response reflects the public’s desire for innovative outdoor cooking solutions. The campaign is scheduled to conclude on January 16, 2024, and has already attracted 261 backers, highlighting its widespread appeal.

Design Philosophy and Safety Features

Safety and durability are paramount in the design of the AroundFire Grill Table. The product has undergone rigorous testing, including over 50 density tests, to ensure it securely contains fire. This thorough testing is crucial for preventing ground scars and controlling sparks or embers, enhancing safety for users and the environment.

AroundFire Portable Grill Table Lawn
AroundFire redefines outdoor cooking, combining a lightweight 300g stainless steel fire mesh and a dual-fold table for unparalleled functionality and portability.

The grill table features an innovative Ultra-Light Fire Mesh design, promoting maximum airflow for efficient burning and reduced smoke. This design consideration is essential for a pleasant outdoor grilling experience, addressing common concerns about smoke and its impact on users and the environment.

Versatility and Portability

A key attribute of the AroundFire Grill Table is its versatility. It supports various fuel types, including wood, charcoal, or pellets, offering users flexibility based on availability and personal preference. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for users with specific fuel type preferences or restrictions.

AroundFire Portable Grill Table Travel Bag
Experience the ease of portable open-fire cooking with AroundFire, weighing only 16 lbs and folding to carry-on size, ready in just 30 seconds for any outdoor event.

The portability of the grill table is another standout feature. It can be compacted to the size of a carry-on suitcase, making it an ideal option for various outdoor activities, including camping, beach outings, and backyard gatherings. The dual-fold feature not only facilitates easy transportation but also addresses storage constraints, a common issue for outdoor equipment.

Additional Functionalities

The AroundFire Grill Table is not limited to grilling; it also serves as a functional table. The multifunctional TableTop, made from aerospace aluminium, can be used as a windscreen to prevent the flames from blowing in the wind or an additional table piece. This TableTop is also compatible with gas camp stoves, further extending its utility for outdoor cooking.

An adjustable outdoor light stand with a clasp design for height adjustment is an innovative addition to the grill table. This feature enhances the table’s utility in varying lighting conditions, ensuring optimal visibility for cooking and socializing outdoors.

AroundFire Portable Grill Multi-Functional Table Top
The Multifunctional TableTop serves as a windscreen, transforms into table pieces for versatility, and is compatible with gas camp stoves.

Pricing and Market Positioning

Early bird pledges for the AroundFire Grill Table start at $149, which is a 50% discount from the planned retail price of $299. This pricing places the product in a competitive position in the market, considering its multifaceted features and versatility. However, it’s important for potential backers to note that these prices may be introductory and subject to change as the product progresses towards mass production.

Risks and Considerations

Like any Kickstarter campaign, the AroundFire project carries inherent risks. While many projects successfully meet their goals and deliver as promised, there are instances where projects face challenges in production and delivery. Prospective backers should conduct thorough research and exercise caution when pledging.


The AroundFire Grill Table represents a significant innovation in the outdoor cooking equipment market. Its combination of safety features, versatility, portability, and thoughtful design elements caters to a broad range of outdoor activities. The success of its Kickstarter campaign indicates a strong market demand for such products. Those interested in learning more or supporting the project can find detailed information and updates on the official Kickstarter page.