Tecrawl Mercedes G-Camper: A compact off-road adventure companion

Tecrawl Mercedes G-Camper
Terracamper transforms the Mercedes-Benz G-Class into a compact RV that comfortably accommodates three people. Images courtesy Terracamper

The world of overland travel and van life culture has long been dominated by vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4, renowned for their blend of utility and comfort. However, stepping into this competitive arena with a fresh approach is the Tecrawl Mercedes G-Camper, a creation of Terracamper. This compact and rugged micro-camping platform is designed to tackle the most challenging terrains, offering a unique blend of luxury and off-road prowess.

Terracamper, previously known for their work on the VW Terock 4×4 adventure camper, has shifted its focus to the Mercedes G-Class, a vehicle often associated with luxury but with deep roots in off-road capability. The G-Class’s sturdy, body-on-frame design, combined with its military heritage, provides a robust foundation for the Tecrawl.

It boasts impressive specifications such as three locking differentials, a 9.5-inch ground clearance, and the ability to wade through 27.5 inches of water. Its climbing ability on slopes as steep as 45 degrees is noteworthy, placing it a cut above many luxury SUVs, including those priced higher, like certain Range Rover models.

The Tecrawl is not just about rugged performance; its interior is a testament to Terracamper’s innovative approach to space utilization. Unlike other camper conversions that add a motorhome module to the rear chassis, the Tecrawl integrates its camping equipment within the existing cabin of the G-Wagen.

Tecrawl Mercedes G-Camper Offroad
Tecrawl Mercedes G-Camper conquering rugged terrain, showcasing its off-road prowess and adventure-ready design.

This includes a passenger-side sofa opposite a flip-up dining table, which doubles as a workspace. The sofa transforms into a bed, complementing the two-person hardshell rooftop tent, thus accommodating up to three people comfortably.

The rear passenger seat is retained for additional seating, while the rest of the space is cleverly used for camper modules. These modules house kitchen essentials, electrical hardware, and storage. The kitchen, interestingly, slides out from the driver-side rear door, providing a unique and efficient use of space. It includes a portable dual-burner gas stove, pantry, and a foldaway worktop. The 31-liter compressor fridge is conveniently placed for both indoor and outdoor access.

Tecrawl Mercedes G-Camper Floor Plan
The Tecrawl features a layout for two or three people with a sofa on one side and a foldable dining table/desk on the other.

Additionally, the Tecrawl is equipped with a pressurized water system, a 20-liter fresh water canister, and an available portable dry separating toilet. This setup offers the functionalities of a larger camper van within a more compact and maneuverable vehicle.

Terracamper has also included optional features to enhance comfort and utility, such as thermal insulation, an auxiliary air heater, a comprehensive electrical system with a 150-Ah lithium battery and solar charging, and interior LED lighting. The conversion package starts at €11,000 (approximately US$12,010), and it mounts to a secondary floor attached to the rear G-Class floor, compatible with five-door models from 2018 onwards.

Tecrawl Mercedes G-Camper Kitchen Fridge
Exploring the functional kitchen setup and convenient fridge access through the rear window.

While the Tecrawl currently lacks a pop-up roof option, which could offer increased interior headroom and ease of movement within the camper, it compensates with its rooftop tent. For those seeking a pop-up roof, Terracamper’s VW T6.1 Terock and Tecamp vans provide such options.

In conclusion, the Tecrawl Mercedes G-Camper by Terracamper represents a significant development in the realm of compact, off-road capable campers. Its integration of luxury, ruggedness, and practicality makes it an ideal choice for adventurers looking to explore remote and challenging terrains. With its competitive pricing and innovative features, the Tecrawl is poised to become a popular choice among overland travelers and van life enthusiasts.

Tecrawl Mercedes G-Camper Bed
The sofa converts into a solo bed for one, complemented by a two-person pop-up rooftop tent.

Source: Terracamper