Hoverboard inventor unveils plans for Shane, a two-wheeled, self-balancing EV

Shane Self-balancing Two-wheeled EV
A rendering of the self-balancing, two-wheeled Shane electric vehicle. Images courtesy Inventist

Hoverboards have captured the imaginations and feet of many, thanks to the ingenuity of inventor Shane Chen, who brought the world the self-balancing “hoverboard” technology. Chen has propelled his innovation further into the realms of futuristic transportation by unveiling plans for a revolutionary two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle (EV) named Shane, a namesake representing the evolution of his trademark technology.

Shane Chen’s original creation, the Hovertrax hoverboard, was a mobile marvel—a compact, motorized platform positioned between two wheels, without the handlebars commonly seen on Segways. Utilizing a sophisticated balancing technology known as the mobile inverted pendulum, the hoverboard senses the rider’s center of gravity, automatically adjusting speed and position to prevent the rider from losing balance while moving.

The upcoming Shane EV echoes its hoverboard cousin’s technological base but has evolved to accommodate a more ambitious design suited for a larger vehicle. Plans for the Shane EV consist of two substantial wheels sandwiching a sleek, five-seat passenger compartment. This compartment is designed to shift automatically to maintain a stable center of gravity, ensuring horizontal level and overall stability, especially during the pivotal moments of accelerating and braking.

In terms of navigation, the two-wheeled, self-balancing EV discards the conventional complexities of linkage-based steering systems, opting for a differential speed control mechanism. This allows for the two-wheeled vehicle to be effortlessly maneuvered, even besting the conventional four-wheeled cars when it comes to ease of parking. An innovative in-wheel regenerative shock absorber system is another key feature, crafted to assist in battery charging through the capture and conversion of energy during the shock absorber’s compression and rebound cycles.

Shane Self-balancing Two-wheeled EV Price
Chen indicates that the cost of the Shane is expected to align with the pricing of other electric vehicles in the market.

Shane Chen’s vision for his two-wheeled electric vehicle is inspired by a desire to enhance energy efficiency and reduce rolling resistance in everyday transportation. Chen believes that the prior models of two-wheeled cars did not meet the practicality and stability required for daily commuting and travel. With the Shane, he hopes to challenge these conventions, pioneering a vehicle capable of high speeds, greater maneuverability, and enhanced energy efficiency.

Chen seeks partnerships within the industry to transition the two-wheeled, self-balancing EV from a concept to a tangible production vehicle, marking a significant leap in innovative transportation solutions. While pricing information remains undisclosed at this stage, the prospect of the Shane joining the lineage of Chen’s successful inventions such as the Hovertrax, Solowheel, and Lunicycle, among others, holds promising potential for a transformative impact on the future of mobility and vehicular travel.

Shane Self-balancing Two-wheeled EV Five Seats
The Shane is designed with two large wheels, housing a sleek five-seat compartment between them.

Source: Inventist