Pebble semi-autonomous electric RV aims to redefine camping

Pebble Semi-autonomous Electric RV
The Pebble Flow trailer boasts a minimalist design, adorned with windows for a natural connection. Images courtesy Pebble

In an era where the intersection of technology and convenience is more appreciated than ever, Pebble, a California-based startup, is driving innovation in the realm of caravan camping. Encapsulating the elegance of advanced technology with the serenity of nature, Pebble introduces the Flow, a semi-autonomous electric RV that promises a camping experience like never before. Emerging from a landscape dotted with modular electric campers and smart home-grade camper vans, Pebble’s Flow emanates a unique charm, coupled with intelligent functionality, that marks the dawn of a revolutionary era in the caravan industry.

Built with a design that harmonizes robust features with seamless aesthetics, the Flow comes with a solar-fed lithium battery, capable of providing up to a week’s worth of off-grid power. This all-electric RV showcases a self-propulsion system that significantly reduces drag on the towing vehicle, ensuring that campers enjoy an efficient and relaxed traveling experience. Weighing in at 6,200 lbs (2,812 kg), the Flow is as powerful as it is elegant, changing the dynamics of RV towing by making it more energy-efficient and less burdensome on the gas mileage of the towing vehicle.

An essential feature that sets the Flow apart in the caravan landscape is its innovative self-parking system. Controlled remotely via the Pebble app, this intelligent feature allows the RV to maneuver itself into tight camping spots, alleviating the often cumbersome manual effort involved in parking. This not only enhances the ease of setting up camp but also ensures that more time is spent soaking in the tranquility of nature.

Pebble’s Flow boasts a plethora of automated features, embodied in the “InstaCamp” system, designed to augment the camping experience with a touch of sophistication and automation. From deploying the awning and stairs to activating the lighting and auto-leveling systems, the InstaCamp ensures that setting up and breaking down the camp is as effortless and time-efficient as possible.

Pebble Semi-autonomous Electric RV Towing Power
The Pebble’s dual-motor system offers self-towing, reducing the typical range and mileage losses seen in regular non-powered towables.

The Flow also epitomizes smart living with its intuitive Pebble app, which acts as a comprehensive control center, allowing users to manage various trailer functions such as lighting, door locks, and temperature control. Drawing inspiration from the seamless functionality of smartphones, Pebble aims to render the Flow as easy to operate, ensuring a user experience that is as delightful as it is straightforward.

Pebble Semi-autonomous Electric RV Remote Control
Use the remote control to turn the Pebble Flow in place, drive it to the tow vehicle and securely engage the hitch.

At the heart of the Flow lies a robust 45-kWh battery that powers not only the trailer’s intelligent features but also its luxurious amenities. The integration of a 1,000-watt solar panel facilitates the continual charging of the battery, ensuring that campers are never short on power. An added flexibility is witnessed in the ability of the Flow to integrate with home and EV charging stations, underscoring Pebble’s commitment to ensuring uninterrupted convenience.

Pebble Semi-autonomous Electric RV Chassis
Equipped with a 45-kWh battery, the Pebble Flow ensures lasting performance, smartly housed low within the vehicle’s chassis.

The interiors of the Flow reverberate with the themes of versatility and efficient space utilization. Designed keeping in mind the requirements of digital nomads, the trailer houses a convertible dinette/double bed, a Murphy queen bed, and a fold-down desk, ensuring that the boundaries between work and leisure are seamlessly blended.

Connectivity is also at the forefront of Flow’s design, with wiring incorporated for plug-and-play Starlink connectivity. This ensures that travelers always have access to high-speed internet, keeping them connected even in the heart of nature.

Pebble Semi-autonomous Electric RV Mobile Workstation
The Pebble Flow thoughtfully includes a mobile workstation, ensuring that digital nomads can maintain productivity amidst the tranquility of their adventures.

Culinary enthusiasts have much to rejoice with the Flow’s well-equipped kitchen that boasts a dual-burner induction cooktop, a 4-in-1 convection microwave, and a full-size fridge. Further enhancing the cooking experience is a flip-up service window that supports both indoor and outdoor cooking.

Pricing for this epitome of luxury and convenience starts at a competitive US$109,000. For those inclined towards the self-propelled parking feature, Pebble offers a “Magic Pack” for an additional cost, bringing the total to $125,000. Prospective buyers can feast their eyes on this marvel at the LA Auto Show from November 17 to 26, with delivery anticipated by the end of 2024.

Pebble Semi-autonomous Electric RV Kitchen Bathroom
The Pebble Flow boasts a central kitchen and a spacious bathroom encased in electrochromic smart glass.

Source: Pebble