Sleek camper trailer features a secret bathroom and flexible interior

Karoo Adventure Camping Trailer
The 5-meter-long Karoo Adventure camper initially appears to embody the sleek, modern design often associated with Silicon Valley innovations. Images courtesy Karoo

Toy-hauler campers often come with significant compromises, balancing the needs of both storage and comfort. Many designs either provide a stark, utilitarian garage space with fold-down furnishings or fully equipped living spaces that end up with recreational gear piled up haphazardly. The Karoo Adventure camper, a new model from Finland, aims to address these issues by offering a dual-purpose towable camper that features a spacious, flexible interior and a hidden bathroom.

Design and features

At first glance, the Karoo Adventure camper appears to be a product of modern, high-tech design akin to those emerging from Silicon Valley. However, this innovative trailer is actually a creation from the Nordic region, emphasizing efficient use of space and multifunctionality.

Measuring 5 meters (16.4 feet) in length and 2.2 meters (7 feet) in height, the Karoo Adventure maintains a compact footprint similar to some teardrop trailers. Despite its size, it accommodates a flexible floor plan that can sleep up to two adults and two children, utilizing a lift-away double bed and a bunk bed. There is also an option for foldaway lounge chairs that convert into beds.

The primary objective of the lifting beds is to clear out the trailer’s floor area for gear hauling. The Karoo Adventure can be loaded with bicycles, hunting gear, fishing equipment, skis, snowboards, and other recreational items, making it an ideal choice for a variety of outdoor activities. Access to the storage area is facilitated through an oversized rear hatch door and a side hatch.

Karoo Adventure Camping Trailer Prototype
Karoo Adventure camping trailer prototype.

Hidden bathroom innovation

One of the standout features of the Karoo Adventure is its hidden bathroom. Ingeniously concealed behind the kitchen block wall at the front of the trailer, the bathroom is accessible via a sliding refrigerator/wall mechanism. When the lower wall slides back, a roll-down partition ensures full privacy, transforming the space into a common wet bath equipped with a shower, cassette toilet, and clothes drying rack. This clever design maximizes the use of space while maintaining the trailer’s streamlined interior.

Karoo Adventure Camping Trailer Beds
The Karoo Adventure camper features a flexible sleeping arrangement with a lift-away double bed and a bunk bed, accommodating up to two adults and two children.

The refrigerator, when opened for bathroom access, slides over the dual-burner stove. This positioning allows for easier access when the kitchen is used outside. The dual-purpose kitchen itself supports both indoor and outdoor cooking, featuring a sliding gas cooktop and sink that can be used in the open air.

Karoo Adventure Camping Trailer Kitchen
The Karoo Adventure camper’s dual-purpose kitchen includes a sliding gas cooktop and sink, allowing for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

Additional amenities

The Karoo Adventure is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Planned amenities include heating, hot water, an entertainment system with a TV and Bluetooth speaker, a touchscreen command center with a mobile app, and a smart alarm system. Karoo has focused on optimizing weight and aerodynamics to ensure an efficient driving experience. The camper has a dry weight of 750 kg (1,650 lbs) and a payload capacity of 75 kg (165 lbs).

Karoo Adventure Camping Trailer Bathroom
The Karoo Adventure camper boasts a cleverly hidden bathroom, accessible via a sliding refrigerator/wall mechanism.

Development and availability

Karoo recently completed its latest round of startup funding and plans to publicly showcase its prototype in 2024. Pilot production is scheduled to begin in 2025, with initial deliveries expected in 2026. Interested customers can preorder the Karoo Adventure now with a €100 (approximately US$108) deposit. The starting price for this innovative camper is €29,900 (approximately US$32,275).

Karoo Adventure Camping Trailer Toy Hauling
Lift the beds to create ample space for storing bikes, camping gear, and other cargo.

The first 500 models sold will include additional features such as a side awning with tent walls and an extended three-year full warranty, compared to the standard two-year warranty. While it may seem early to commit to a purchase, this approach is typical for startups aiming to gauge market interest and secure early adopters.

Karoo Adventure Camping Trailer Lounge Setup
Karoo envisions a lounge setup featuring fold-down seats, side benches, and a versatile multi-position table.


The Karoo Adventure camper represents a thoughtful and versatile approach to the toy-hauler market, addressing common compromises with its flexible design and hidden bathroom. For outdoor enthusiasts looking for a compact yet functional camper, the Karoo Adventure offers a compelling blend of practicality and comfort. With its planned amenities and innovative features, this Finnish-designed trailer is set to make a significant impact when it hits the market in the coming years.

Karoo Adventure Camping Trailer Setup
Karoo mentions that the first 500 models sold will include a side awning with tent walls and an extended three-year warranty instead of the standard two.

Source: Karoo