HydroBlade: The future of eFoil technology by Pelagion

Pelagion HydroBlade Electric Hydrofoil
The Pelagion HydroBlade is a high-performance eFoil that offers advanced stability for a unique water gliding experience. Images courtesy Pelagion

Pelagion, an emerging player in marine technology, is making notable advancements with its latest product, the HydroBlade. This innovative eFoil (electric hydrofoil) offers a unique personal e-mobility experience, allowing users to glide smoothly above the water’s surface. As a subsidiary of Automatic Manufacturing Systems, Inc. (AMS), Pelagion leverages its extensive engineering and manufacturing expertise to deliver a product aimed at enhancing water sports activities.

The HydroBlade concept

The HydroBlade was designed by CEO Jamie Schlinkmann and a team of multi-disciplinary engineers. The product features a dual mast assembly, enabling effortless floating and improved maneuverability. This design allows riders to experience the sensation of flying above the water, providing a unique experience.

Pelagion’s engineering excellence and manufacturing capabilities underpin the development of the HydroBlade. The company integrates mechanical and electrical engineering, software development, and battery design to bring this product to market.

Technical specifications

The HydroBlade comes with several key specifications:

Pelagion HydroBlade Electric Hydrofoil Speed
The Pelagion HydroBlade can reach impressive speeds of up to 70 km/h, offering a thrilling ride above the water.

Size: The main hull measures 1.75 meters, with an operating length ranging from 2.0 to 3.5 meters.

Weight: The total weight of the HydroBlade is 104 kilograms (approx. 229 lbs).

Run Time: It offers a runtime of up to 4 hours on a single charge.

Speed: The HydroBlade can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour (approx. 43 mph).

Hull Material: Constructed from an impact and chip-resistant ABS skin with a composite structure, the hull is lightweight and durable. Secondary flotation inside enhances safety.

Motor: Dual motors with peak ratings of 8kW and continuous ratings of 5kW each power the HydroBlade.

Pelagion HydroBlade Electric Hydrofoil Dual Motors
The Pelagion HydroBlade features dual motors and 5.5kWh batteries, delivering up to 4 hours of continuous runtime.

Battery: The device uses dual 5.5kWh batteries, each weighing 29 kilograms (approx. 64 lbs).

Charger: A 1600W charger supports 100-250VAC input, offering a maximum charge time of less than 4 hours per battery.

User Interface: The HydroBlade’s interface is accessible via a phone app with Bluetooth connectivity. It provides data on battery state of charge (SoC), state of health (SoH), range, and telemetry. Additional features include navigation, music, and other phone functions. A handlebar phone mount is included, though customers need to provide their own phone, preferably in an IP68 rated case for water resistance.

These specifications highlight the HydroBlade’s focus on performance, safety, and user convenience.

Pelagion HydroBlade Electric Hydrofoil Setup
Setting up the Pelagion HydroBlade, ready to test its advanced eFoil tech on the water.

Development process and feedback

Pelagion has incorporated extensive testing and feedback into the development of the HydroBlade. Following successful demonstrations, the company engaged with a broader audience to gather valuable insights and refine the product design. This approach has allowed Pelagion to make informed adjustments, bringing the HydroBlade closer to a production-ready configuration.

Jamie Schlinkmann, CEO, emphasized the importance of this collaborative process: “Our commitment to involving a broader audience in our development process reflects our dedication to delivering a product that exceeds expectations.” By incorporating diverse perspectives, Pelagion aims to enhance the quality of its products and foster a sense of ownership and community among stakeholders.

Pelagion HydroBlade Electric Hydrofoil Dual Mast Assembly
The HydroBlade’s dual mast assembly allows effortless gliding over water, with gentle blade movements enhancing maneuverability.

The feedback has been instrumental in fine-tuning the HydroBlade’s performance metrics, particularly regarding battery life and maximum speed. As Pelagion approaches the final stages of development, the company is focused on optimizing these aspects to ensure the HydroBlade meets user expectations.

Commitment to transparency and innovation

Pelagion maintains a commitment to transparency, innovation, and excellence throughout the HydroBlade’s development. The company is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable data on performance metrics and keeping potential customers informed about progress and updates.

As a subsidiary of AMS, founded in 1997, Pelagion benefits from a solid foundation in engineering and manufacturing. AMS has a long history of creating bespoke solutions across various industries, particularly in adhesive component placement.

Pelagion HydroBlade Electric Hydrofoil User Interface
The Pelagion HydroBlade’s user interface, accessible via a phone app, provides real-time data on battery life, range, and telemetry.

Pricing and availability

The HydroBlade is anticipated to be priced at $20,000. This reflects the advanced technology, engineering expertise, and high-quality materials used in its production.

Pelagion is moving forward with the final stages of development and is excited to bring the HydroBlade to market. The company remains committed to delivering a product that offers high performance and a unique user experience.


Pelagion’s HydroBlade signifies a notable development in eFoil technology, providing a new and thrilling experience for water sports enthusiasts. With its advanced specifications and user-friendly features, the HydroBlade is poised to become a significant product in the market. As Pelagion finalizes development and prepares for production, interest in this innovative product continues to grow.

Source: Pelagion