SealVans amphibious caravans combine the features of a boat and a traditional caravan

SealVans Amphibious Caravans
SealVans combine the features of a boat and a traditional caravan. Images © SealVans

Turkish startup SealVans is set to redefine the recreational vehicle industry with the introduction of its novel amphibious caravans. These unique, versatile vehicles blur the line between a traditional caravan and a boat, providing families with an adventurous way to explore both terrestrial and aquatic environments without swapping between different modes of transport.

Launched recently onto the European market, the two camper-boat models, namely the Seal 4.20m and Seal 7.50m, come with an array of features tailored to fulfill diverse needs. These amphibious caravans transition smoothly between land and water operations, offering an ease of use often missing from existing amphibious vehicles.

One of SealVans’ key design principles was ease of transportation, with the aim to offer users the comfort of home, no matter where they roam. To that end, these unique caravans are designed to cater to all basic necessities, effectively making them luxury caravan-boats.

Each model has its own unique specifications. The Seal 4.20m, for instance, measures a compact 13.8 feet and weighs under 750 kg (1,653.5 lb). Designed for shorter, more intimate trips, this “second suitcase” is ideally suited for two adults. Notably, its smaller size may circumvent the need for special water usage permits, though this is contingent on local laws.

SealVans Amphibious Caravans On Water
On the water, the amphibious caravans cruise at a maximum speed of 13 knots.

On the other hand, the larger Seal 7.50m, measuring 24.6 feet, has been envisioned as a family holiday vehicle. Capable of comfortably housing three adults, or two adults and two small children, this model bears a striking resemblance to a double-axle caravan while on land. However, once on water, its boat-like form factor and panoramic windscreen, together with a roof, highlight its contemporary design.

The Seal 7.50m comes equipped with a functional kitchen, compact bathroom with a shower, and comfortable sleeping arrangements – a primary bed and an optional extra bed. The vehicle’s permissible weight is 3,000 kg (6,614 lb), while the internal height stands at 2 meters (6.6 ft).

SealVans Amphibious Caravans Interior Lounge Sleeping Quarters
The interior lounge converts into the main sleeping quarters.

Notably, propulsion options include either a 50 HP Honda outboard motor or an electric system, allowing users to choose according to their preferences. Regardless of the chosen propulsion system, the maximum speed remains consistent at 13 knots.

SealVans’ approach to creating a bridge between conventional land-based caravans and boats in a seamless manner marks an innovative step forward in the recreational vehicle industry. For a more detailed look at the specifications of both models, interested parties can visit the SealVans’ official website.

SealVans Amphibious Caravans On Land
The Seal 7.50m features a foldable outdoor table.
SealVans Amphibious Caravans Towing
The Seal 7.50m, accommodating a weight limit of 3,000kg, ensures a smooth and uncomplicated travel experience.
SealVans Amphibious Caravans Land and Water
The amphibious caravan seamlessly transitions between land and water.

Source: SealVans