Fiat unveils urban-mobility solution: The Topolino electric quadricycle

Fiat Topolino Electric Micro-Car
Fiat heralds the spirit of Riviera driving with the Topolino electric quad. Images © Fiat/Stellantis

Stellantis, the multinational automotive company, has recently unveiled a delightfully unique and compact electric micro car named the Topolino. Promoted as the “ideal urban mobility solution,” the Topolino is offered in two distinct variants: one fully enclosed and another that completely omits the doors, embodying the spirit of open-air motoring.

Urban environments are often congested with traffic and limited parking space, rendering large sedans or SUVs impractical for day-to-day commuting or brief shopping excursions. Back in 2009, Renault proposed a solution with the Twizy electric quadricycle, a vehicle that was low-powered yet considerably enjoyable to drive. This diminutive vehicle, with its tight turning circle, was well-suited for navigating bustling city centers. Moreover, the lower-speed version could be driven without a license in certain European regions by individuals as young as 14.

This concept of a compact urban vehicle has been echoed by brands such as Microlino, Silence, and Citroën over the years. Fiat has now joined the party, adding some Italian charm to the concept with the Topolino, an ideal vehicle for experiencing an Italian summer along the scenic, narrow coastal roads.

The Topolino is positioned as the smaller sibling of the recently announced 600e, which is considered the big sister of the 500 model. With a length of 2.33 meters (7.6 ft), the Topolino features a satin exterior finish, vintage mirrors, chrome accents, and distinctive retro wheel covers.

Fiat Topolino Electric Micro-Car Optional Mini Shower
Fiat Topolino’s open variant offers a mini shower, perfect for freshening up post-beach outings.

The micro car’s 5.4-kWh battery pack is reported to offer a range of up to 75 km (46.6 miles) per charge. It can be fully recharged in less than four hours using a standard wall outlet. The vehicle’s top speed is capped at 45 km/h (28 mph), which allows it to be driven by 14-year-olds in some European areas.

Inside, the Topolino offers side-by-side seating for two people. There’s a central dock with USB charging for smartphones, a hook to keep bags off the floor, and 63 liters of storage space inside, complemented by a rear luggage rack outside.

Fiat Topolino Electric Micro-Car Two Variants
Fiat Topolino’s comes in two variants: a fully-enclosed model for urban comfort and an open-air version for breezy drives.

The fully enclosed model features two doors, an abundance of glass, and a sunblind at the top. The open-air variant replaces doors with thick rope, a fold-back fabric sunroof, and even offers an optional mini shower for beach-goers to rinse off after a day in the sun.

Both versions can be customized with a range of accessories, including a portable Bluetooth speaker, a USB mini fan, a thermal water bottle, and seat covers that can double as soft beach towels.

Fiat Topolino Electric Micro-Car Open Air Version
The open variant of the Fiat Topolino trades traditional doors for ropes and features a fold-back fabric sunroof for an airy experience.

With a price tag of €9,890 (approximately US$10,840), the Fiat Topolino represents an affordable entry into the world of electric urban mobility. The vehicle is scheduled to be available in Italy first, with sales commencing by the end of the year.

Fiat Topolino Electric Micro-Car Storage Luggage Rack
Topolino offers 63-liter interior storage and a convenient rear luggage rack.

Source: Fiat