Citroën My Ami Buggy: Ultra Limited Edition

Citroen My Ami Buggy Concept
Citroën Ami Buggy Concept is a micro-mobility recreational vehicle for use at the weekend, on holiday by the sea or in the countryside. Images © Citroën

After the wave of incredible enthusiasm that followed the announcement of the Citroën Ami Buggy Concept vehicle in December 2021, the company decided to keep the buzz going through the creation and announcement of some special limited editions. The first of these creations is the Ultra Limited Edition, of which just 50 models were made selling at $10,200 each, and then sold out in just 18 minutes.

But what is it about this concept that has people so excited? Let’s take a closer look.

The city car goes off-road

Behind the Ami Buggy Concept was the already well-known Citroën Ami 100% Electric city car, which is already available for order in the UK and Europe for about $9300, and is promised in the US as part of the Free2Move fleet in Washington, DC. The Ami Buggy Concept takes the city car off the road and creates possibly the cutest off-roader the world has ever seen.

The Ami Buggy Concept loses its sleek blue and gray tones with orange wheels, swapping them instead for a more rugged khaki green. It also includes a rough and ready reinforced front and rear bumper, as well as stronger light trims, wheel arches, and even a rear spoiler…the list goes on.

The side doors have also been replaced with hinged metal tubes, and the roof has become a soft-top convertible made from a UV-resistant and waterproof fabric. For those with summer rains, the open sides also feature deployable canvas covers that will keep driver and passenger dry even if the heavens really open up above.

Loaded with Citroën character

The khaki green might throw you off at first since the whole idea behind the Ami was originally about chic cosmopolitan style, vivid colors, and edgy design. The Ami Buggy Concept doesn’t disappoint those Citroën acolytes, offering an explosion of yellow coloring and detailing both inside and out.

On top of that, the 14” wheels are perforated in gold with stylish black caps, and those who were lucky enough to buy the Ultra Limited Edition also had the option to personalize their front plate to make it more their own. The owners of the Ultra Limited Edition are also fortunate enough to have a special plate numbered 1-50 installed on the vehicle interior denoting which of the 50 models this vehicle is.

Part of a broader strategy

Details on the powertrain behind the Ami Buggy Concept have not yet been fully revealed, but the bigger idea behind the release of the Ultra Limited Edition is to help show two important things.

The first is that the Citroën Ami is a versatile car with a lot of potential applications. The idea that it would be confined to just being a city car is shattered with the release of the Ami Buggy Concept, which in turn should get imaginations racing as to what the Ami could be built for next.

The second important thing is that the Ami is a highly customizable vehicle. This sends a message to fleet operators, leisure companies, city governments and others that the Ami is a vehicle that can be adapted to meet specific local and regional requirements. It’s not part of any one-size-fits-all strategy at all.

In short, the My Ami Buggy Concept ushers in a whole new period of on-road and off-road mobility.

Source: Citroën