Multi-level cargo e-trike with a unique design

Streek Multi Level Cargo e-trike
The Streek cargo e-trike carries its load in a unique way in order to maintain compact dimensions. Images © Envision Inc

When the Japanese started to run out of land when building their megacities, they knew that the only way to continue growth was to build up rather than out. Now, Japanese design firm Envision Incorporated, based in Yokohama, is trying to apply that same thinking to city bikes. Their newest creation was originally called the “Stroke” but has since been named the “Streek,” and according to Envision, this new bicycle concept is “kickstarting the cargo bike lifestyle in Japan.”

What is Streek?

Let’s first look at what this innovative new bicycle creation is. Streek is an electric trike that is built with a “high-rise” loop frame in which one can house two levels of cargo storage. The rider’s seat is positioned just above the rear wheel, balanced by the cargo area in front and two front wheels.

For many, the Streek cargo e-trike is a bit strange in appearance at first glance. But once it’s loaded up and ready to go, every part of its design becomes clear, and makes perfect sense.

Designed for Japan

Some call Streek the “kei van” of the ebike world, a name that has emerged to explain its unique combination of utility and compact size. Kei vans were originally designed to offer utility to commercial and other vehicles in Japan while still allowing them to operate well in the tightly-packed streets of cities like Tokyo. The Streek cargo e-trike is designed to offer that same combination of characteristics.

Envision Incorporated looked at many existing cargo-friendly ebikes designed in Europe and the US, but found that they were too large. This wasn’t just a question of taste, either, but one of regulation. In Japan, trikes are required to be no longer than 190cm (75 inches). By using a rising top tube to create a larger forward cargo area, Streek is only 189cm long and can still accommodate all of the cargo that it can carry.

The interior of the forward frame measures 26 inches long by 25 inches high, and can be fitted with a two-level platform system. The upper storage shelf can be removed to leave the area open for larger items if needed. It allows for cargo as wide as 24 inches before it exceeds the confines of the bike’s allotted storage space.

Electrical assistance

So we know that Streek is an ebike but where are its electrical components? Streek features a 250W electric pedal assist feature that will help you mid-drive, making loads of up to 132-lbs feel like a breeze. With the electric pedal assist in play, Streek can reach top speeds of 15-mph, and will help riders lugging their cargo make short work of hills and slopes.

Close to production-ready

The Streek was originally slated to start production for launch in spring 2022, but this deadline was pushed back because of the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The initial estimated MSRP is around $2,975, but Envision believes this will come down as production grows and their specification is further streamlined and perfected.

More information on the Streek cargo e-trike and its development is available at the company website.