Tris Bike: High-performance tilting electric trike

Tris Bike Tilting Electric Trike
Tris Bike: Tilting electric bike with three wheels from Italy.

Italy-based Tris has come up with a new cycling sensation that they believe can take the world by storm. They call it Tris Bike, and it’s nothing short of a revolution. It’s an innovative and truly unique high-performance tilting electric trike that is built with a singular purpose: enjoyment. Give your commute an entirely new angle of sporty innovation with this fast, stable and enjoyable ride.

Electronic cycling innovation

The Tris Bike will change the way you see cycling. It is pedal-powered, but also comes accompanied by a ZEHUS all-in-one 2nd-gen 250W electric motor powered by a 30-volt lithium-ion battery that can fully charge in around 3 hours.

The special KERS technology built into the battery allows you to partially charge it from a form of regenerative braking, which helps you retain range and cut down on overall charging time.

The bike offers about 30km (18.5 miles) of range on full electric assistance, making it capable of helping you along just when you need it to. What makes the Tris Bike really special, however, are its maneuverability and stability on the road.

Tilting for fast cornering; unparalleled stability

Tris Bike Electric Tilting 3 Wheeled
Tris Bike’s front wheels tilt up to 30 degrees relative to the frame.

The Tris Bike is capable of tilting up to 30 degrees in either direction for the most agile and nimble cornering experience you’ll likely get on any cycle, especially on a trike. It allows the Tris Bike to navigate through tight urban obstacles and maneuver with precision where other cycles would be forced to slow, stop or take detours.

The Tilting Front Wheel System (TFWS) and Tilting Block System (TBS) are the innovative secret to what make Tris special in the industry. It’s a patented technology from Tris, allowing this brand to exclusively offer this cutting-edge capability.

On top of that, the 3-wheel design gives you a level of stability that bicycles can’t. As you stop on a normal bike, you have to put at least one foot to the floor to stay upright. The Tris Bike’s three wheels keep you upright, comfortable and stable when you pull up to traffic lights. You can retain your riding position for a nice, quick set-off when everyone starts moving again.

Tris Bike riders can block the tilt action to stop without putting their feet down.

Built for life

The Tris Bike is also built for life. The Tris Fix model comes with three loading points for cargo, allowing you to load up to 50kg (110lbs) of shopping, books and whatever other gear you need in your daily life. This is a vehicle built for life, be it in the city or countryside.

The bikes are also built for a diverse user base with differing needs. The unisex steel frames are durable and can stand up to a hard life on the road. What’s more, you can easily adjust the seat and bar heights to suit riders from 1.5-1.95m tall (4’11” to 6’4”).

Choose from the Tris bike range

The range currently consists of three models:

  • Tris Fix – the flagship bike with all the features
  • Tris Split – another electric option which can easily disassemble for quick storage
  • Tris Light – non-electric version for pure pedal-power experience

The units are designed and assembled in Italy, and are currently available in Italy, Germany and the UK through select retailers. The estimated MSRP is $3,285 for the Tris Fix, the flagship product. Learn more about this revolutionary new cycling concept today.

Source: Tris Bike