Charge your electric vehicle anywhere with GoSun’s EV Solar Charger

GoSun EV Solar Charger
The GoSun EV Solar Charger unfolds to approximately five times its original length, delivering up to 1,200 watts of solar power for charging your EV. Images courtesy GoSun

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain popularity, the need for reliable and accessible charging solutions becomes ever more pressing. GoSun, a leading innovator in solar technology, has introduced an efficient and portable solution with its EV Solar Charger. This rooftop solar panel system, scheduled for delivery in 2025, promises to enhance the convenience of EV charging while promoting sustainability.

Key features and specifications

Compact and powerful design

The GoSun EV Solar Charger is designed to be mounted on the roof rack of any electric vehicle, from compact cars to large SUVs and trucks. This compact unit, measuring 46.75 inches long, 48 inches wide, and 5 inches tall when closed, expands to a substantial 245 inches in length when deployed. Weighing in at just 70 pounds (32 kg), the system is lightweight yet durable, capable of withstanding speeds up to 100 mph and winds up to 30 mph.

Solar power output

The charger delivers a remarkable 1,200 watts of solar power when fully extended, enough to provide up to 30 miles of driving range per day. When closed, it still outputs a significant 200 watts. This capacity can cover an estimated 80% of the annual mileage for most vehicles, making it a viable alternative to traditional charging methods.

Versatile charging options

Equipped with multiple output options, including 110V AC up to 15A, 12V DC, and USB A&C ports, the GoSun EV Solar Charger can also power various devices, making it useful in various situations, from job sites to outdoor festivals.

GoSun EV Solar Charger Folded
The GoSun EV Solar Charger boasts rugged build quality, and can reportedly withstand speeds up to 100 mph and winds up to 30 mph when extended.

Robust build quality

Constructed with materials such as ABS plastic, ETFE-coated monocrystalline solar PV, aluminum, and stainless steel, the charger is built to endure harsh weather conditions and everyday wear and tear. Its aerodynamic design minimizes drag, ensuring it does not significantly affect the vehicle’s range when driving.

Benefits of the GoSun EV Solar Charger

Eco-friendly and cost-effective

Harnessing solar energy reduces reliance on grid electricity, helping to lower carbon footprints and contribute to environmental sustainability. Additionally, the charger is potentially eligible for a 30% federal tax credit, reducing the overall cost for consumers.

GoSun EV Solar Charger Off-Grid
Experience off-grid independence by charging your EV anywhere—at home, work, or even in remote locations.

Convenient and independent charging

One of the standout features of the GoSun EV Solar Charger is its ability to charge anywhere, eliminating the need to hunt for public charging stations. Whether at home, at work, or off the grid, users can unfold the panels and start charging immediately. This self-charging capability provides a level of independence and convenience that is particularly appealing to those with busy schedules or who travel frequently.

Easy installation

The charger comes pre-assembled and can be mounted on a vehicle’s roof rack in just 20 minutes, requiring only two people for the installation process. This ease of installation ensures that even those with limited technical skills can set up the system without hassle.

GoSun EV Solar Charger Compatibility
Compatible with all EVs and hybrids, the GoSun Solar Charger fits any vehicle with a roof or luggage rack.

Extended battery life

By providing a consistent and gradual charge, the GoSun EV Solar Charger helps extend the lifespan of the vehicle’s battery. Regular, slow charging is less stressful on the battery, potentially increasing its longevity and performance over time.

Security features

The entire system is designed to deter theft, offering peace of mind when the vehicle is left unattended. This aspect is crucial for users who need to leave their vehicles parked in public or unfamiliar locations.

GoSun EV Solar Charger Lockable
The GoSun EV Solar Charger is lockable, providing security and preventing theft when your vehicle is unattended.

How it works

  1. Delivery and installation: The EV Solar Charger is shipped directly to the customer’s door. Installation on the vehicle’s roof rack takes approximately 20 minutes with two people.
  2. Deployment: When the vehicle is parked, the lid is opened, and the solar panels are unfolded to start capturing solar energy.
  3. Charging: The charge cable is connected to the vehicle’s charge port, converting sunlight into Level I AC power, which is then sent to the vehicle.
  4. Fold and drive: Before driving off, the solar panels are folded back into the compact unit, allowing the vehicle to operate as usual.

Pricing and availability

The GoSun EV Solar Charger is expected to be available for delivery in 2025, with an estimated cost of $2,999. However, interested customers can reserve their unit now for a $100 deposit. This deposit guarantees the best price and prioritizes early delivery once the product becomes available. Considering the potential 30% federal tax credit and additional local incentives, this innovative solar charging solution becomes even more economically attractive.

GoSun EV Solar Charger Aerodynamic Lightweight
The GoSun EV Solar Charger features an aerodynamic, lightweight design, weighing only 70 lbs, to minimize drag and impact on vehicle range.


With the growing adoption of electric vehicles, the need for versatile and reliable charging solutions is more critical than ever. GoSun’s EV Solar Charger offers a practical and sustainable alternative to traditional charging methods, allowing EV owners to charge their vehicles anywhere with the power of the sun.

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